Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pretty Thankful

I had an answered prayer today and im so thankful to my personal saint - St. Jude for helping me out. Well, each one of us has our own cross and everyday is always a struggle how to go through with each lifes constraints.Today, i was so worried about some things that involves my finances. I need to wire some amount for the sister and help my other cousin because she was terribly in need of some amount. I knew God sets there directions to me for a reason and im super grateful i have an understanding partner who willingly go out in the mid of the night to wire me if im in need. I so appreciate really his love to my family. I mean all these things wouldnt be possible if not of him. Maybe at some point i did something good to deserve him in my life. God im so much blessed and i wish God will continue to guide me all through out.

I read once that everything that is given unto us has its own purpose. We should learn to appreciate every inch of grace that is given unto us and used it in a manner that God wants us to be. Well, the sad fact - we dont know what were missin until its gone.