Friday, December 14, 2012

Productive Week Again!!!

How many more days to go before the big day? Not sure but i knew the days seem to fly so fast.As of this typing, i already wrapped more than ten gifts and placed beneath our tree. Aside from my god children, i decided to give small tokens for the children i knew personally. I just thought, it will give then a smile for sure and those little amount may mean so much to them, anyway ive been so much blessed and i've promised that my earnings for this months will go to them.

Yesterday, i happened to be in the mood to shop and roam around. I found this pool set toy and i've been thinking that this little boy will surely feel good if he received this kind of gift. So, i get it and get a nice barbie for his little sister. They're not my godchildren but having known them for quite sometime then i think giving them a little gift will just make a difference. I had a great time wrapping the stuff i picked last night complete with cards and personal touch. I just want to make it something especial. This time, i make sure i get the best thing i can get to them regardless of the price, it's my own little way of giving out what has been abundantly given to me.

As with my online tasks, im not yet done still no matter how i try to finish them all, I still have few more tasks to do on my home and living. I published 4 posts today and im already tired. I need to get some fresh ideas first for the rest of the orders. In short, i had a productive week and hopefully more tasks to do still over the weekend.

Have a great Friday folks....