Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quote for the Day

"Id rather live a simple life than pretend i have everything"

I got this reqouted from my readings lately and i truly love it. This is self explanatory and true enough people cant hide everything no matter how you pretend so hard. Isnt it great to live a simple life and be contented with what you have though sometimes those who claim to have had are those that dont have and those who claim to be the other are those that have. I love the story behind this quote and i couldnt help thinking of somebody else. It gives me a smile how it best fits for her because like the lady this quote is intended for, she does portrays someone as closely related as the receiver of the quote. I knew who you've been thinking guys? Yeah, its her but i dont have agenda of meddling to their respective issues.

On Acting Auditions...

Just recently i am in close watch about a family feud turned killings. The suspect is just a sibling of the victim and worst they're the sons and daughter of a well-known political and celebrity figure. I am disgusted how those once sibling rivalry turned to be a serious problem that worst made the mom clueless about such incidents. I pity the mother for being blind about her kids social and personality disorder, I do use disorder because once an attitude became so worst it cannot be seen as a typical attitude problem but rather something that should be treated by psychological rep.I didnt expect that the younger woman is capable of doing the crime. She lied to the police authority and issued different statement when found out by the authorities.As of this writing, the latter has just flew to Hingkong maybe to save a little shame for herself but of course knowing how the case is so much publicized, her face can never be kept from public scrutiny.

Ohh well, did i mentioned that their clan is one of the showbiz legends that is highly respected in the industry. The victim's father is a former senator and celebrity who was once tagged as the playboy in the limelight. I noticed too that the suspect being dragged in the case has a potential face in showbiz. She has the charm and the appeal and im sure she wll pass on acting auditions. I wish she just try to be a celebrity than keeping track at his brother accomplishments. Sometimes, its not so good to become insecure coz it really creates an evil deeds. Its just nice to become humble and friendly, Thats where successful and blessed people came from, right? Just take an easy paddle guys. Dont take trials seriously. It will just give you wrinkles and ugly acne. You will look old and disgusting. On the other end, if you will just create a peaceful enviroment with less hatred and gossiping then im sure you will look younger and refreshing. Bear that in mind guys.

Try Manhattan Hair Transplant'

Our hair is one of our best asset. Dont you remember how your crush made an eye appealing look at your stunning hair when you met the other day? Ohh, common you noticed how those good looking guys gracefully see your hair from roots to tips. Indeed, a great hair deserves a second look. No wonder that most women today avail of hair treatments so just to give their hair a different edge. I am personally not an exemption in being vain and my hair loves to be pampered whenever i have extra budget. Just recently, i made a quick treatment to it because i want to make it healthy despite the medicine that was applied on it when i had my rebond session. Maintaining a healthy strand is not easy as you need to have the right medicine and proper care.

If im just as well-off as some celebrity, i will surely love to give my hair a manhattan hair transplant. I heard good praises about such hair transplant and its indeed as amazing as new jersey transplant and pennsylvania hair transplant. Oh well, why dont you just give your hair a different lift? Tired of those itchy and ugly strand then maybe you need a professional care. Trust your strand to the expert to have a healthy and iron free lift

Happy Birthday my dearest nephew. As our present to the kid, my love hosted a small birthday party for her and truly, its one of the most memorable day of her life. I knew its quite tiring preparing for some party needs but its all worth it knowing how we can put her a great smile. This kid is so close the family that i even take her as my own daughter. I provide her with almost everything she needs from schooling to her daily needs. I may not be the best person in this world but i knew somehow in my life ive been a good woman to the eye of this kid. Happy Birthday dear. Funny but i havent experienced a party like her but now this kid almost experience great memories. Im proud to say that she is quite lucky to have experienced somehow a fun childhood. Im thankful that i have a man as understanding as he is. He would love to pamper her to the fullest. From giving her allowance, nice weekends and even providing for her tuitorial. Now we have so many expenses in lined but hopefully we could settle it the soonest. To my man, i love you so much. I cant wait to be wait with you in few more months.