Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dose Off

I always know that i need to recharge first this weekend. This week was kinda tiring and stressful. Been dealing with some errands and did pay some bills personally. I was quite stressed going to the city because i hate the chaotic street and the sun. I do hope i could do some errands this week. The good news i was able to dose off today, i took a long nap and stay in my room for quite a long time. Ive watched a movie earlier and took my lunch. I believe i really need to take good care of myself pretty well.
I remember i need to finish few more reviews from a client. I need to finish it by today because it was already returned because of some requests she wanted to insert. Thats basically the reason why im here. Anyway, i am craving for a chocolate cake now..I hope i can buy an oven soon so that i could bake. Im a frustrated chef...wink*