Monday, May 24, 2010


I wish i could possibly share with you here guys the letter of no other than Mr. Willie Revillame to ABS CBN Management about his indefinite leave and about the incident that happened wherein he asked the latter to terminate the contract of a certain radio commentator which he has a short grift with. I knew this guy is somehow untollerable, with lots of cases of untorwards uncidents that happened on his show, i guess its about time to give chance to others and consider other talents too. Yes, he has skills and the ability to make people happy but its no enough just to have the skills, you need to have the RIGHT attitude too. When i saw Robin doing the hosting, i knew he is more of hesitants at first but he is fine and he also has the chram for the masses. Neverthless, i wish Mr. Revillame's all the best of everything, i guess he needs prayers and spiritual guidance too. Hope hell be able to see the light and learn to always put his feet on the ground.


My apology guys for not updating this site for quite a few days, the reason? i actually went home to my place and really did had a great time there, but mostly, i just slept a lot and do some household chores, i missed doing those stuff. And i also had a chance to attend the mass which was celebrated in honor of the Cross, which we normally do that every May. Afterwhich we were invited for a lunch in the Hermana's house/ Actually the main reason why we went home is the Alumni thing. We always look forard in attending our Grand Al;imni Homecoming which is done annually and held at our school. It was really a fun thing to see your former classmates and schoolmates succedds in this journey and sometimes you even wonder how these naughty students have made it on the top.For now, allow me to rest coz i am so sleepy and exhausted. Might buy a new Havainas this coming weekend.