Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Gotta Try Fly Fishing

I just noticed whenever my honey would go out with some friends, they would either go somewhere else or have some fishing.I dont understand why  a lot of people in their place are too much hooked on that hobby. Maybe then, they just love the idea of getting some fresh marine animals out of those sightings and fishing tool. Well, if i would be invited to go on fishing i would gladly do with it. I mean i love the idea of eating fresh fish and maybe just roast it with just a salt added, a friend told me that it gives a natural taste of fish making it so tasty.

Speaking of fishing, i remember a neighbor who can caught few kilos of fish by just using his own tool for fishing. He doesnt have any fishing equipment yet he can get as much as one to two kilos per fishing. Amusing right? I asked once her wife if whats their technique that they can have that much harvest. She told me that his husband use worm to lure the fish thats why they can get as much as one kilo per fishing. But then it doesnt apply to all, some may not be that lucky to get some fish even with some insects luring those marine animals.

Nevertheless, the most popular way of getting some big fish especially in tap water is by fly fishing. As the term speaks for itself, it uses fly to lure or provoke the fish to strike. They are also using angling technique so as to catch more fish and  of course to catch other species. Some fishing enthusiasts also used fly rod or fly reel because its more effective in doing that thing.

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Ohh Yes, He Completes Me

Like many of you believe, the one man that owns our heart is the core reason why we are smiling even when we're alone. Funny indeed, but yes its true especially of the stuff that is presently happening in my life. The excitement really eats my imagination that i just want to count the days off. Fact, not all men are willing to do extraordinary things just to please you, so when you just found out that he has to missed some important stuff to be with you then i knew its something else. The very thing, that he wanted to be with me is really something that im grateful about. Ohhh, i promised not to disclose any but im itching now and really want to share the excitement...

Oppps, till next time..I love to hang it..wink*