Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Missing Him

We were not able to talk with my hubby yesterday because he was busy and i was pretty occupied too. I went home so late because i picked up my grocery. I was waiting for his call because ive thought he was just doing something, it was too late i realized that he was at work already and was on meeting. I didnt received any text from him so i get worried, i texted him if he was just fine, i didn't received any reply so i fell asleep. In the middle of the night, i received a call from him. I dont know if i was dreaming but i knew i spoke to him last night. He just called up to apologize that he wasn't able to call and that he just want to assured me that he was perfectly fine. I knew it was pretty little to share but to me it was something else because he was sensitive enough of my feelings.

I'm missing my hubby especially these days. I often asked what did i do to deserve you.

Vacation Partner

They say that summertime is the best time for escapades and vacations. I do agree with that, in fact we are also planning for some escapades this coming month. The thoughts alone gives me a headache because of so many things to plan. We need to search for affordable resorts, vans and other stuff that needs to be reserved before we depart. Anyway, i just want to share something which i knew will be helpful for travelers. Ive seen a great partner for Medellin vacations. I'm talking about medellin apartment . You wont believe it but they're a good option once you are going for a month or even a week vacation. These are great alternatives instead of renting a room in a hotel. It will surely gives you a big savings and offers comfortability and convenience.

Child Care

I always have a soft heart for children because i felt they need the guidance and tender loving care of adult people. This explains why i spent some time with my nephews and nieces whenever i have a time. If you can observed too, i always have space for issues concerning child abuse or any issues pertaining to child exploitations. I believe childcare is not an easy task. It isn't just a simple thing too because it needs a person capable of loving, has deep understanding, has long patience and of course has a heart for children. Speaking of childcare, you don'd need to worry if you are looking for a child facility center conducive to children environment. These days there are great centers at the heart of your place.

Modern Dining Tables

I always look around for stuff and appliances that will bring beauty to our home. I was searching for paintings, nice moldings and of course nice appliances. Nevertheless, its always the prices that hinders me in picking one. Good thing online shopping is of trend now which makes me less hassles and availing of easy mode of payment. Did you know too that even Dining Room Tables are available for shopping at the net? Yes dear, thats totally a great news for us. Ive seen a plethora of stylish and elegant dining tables that is perfect for any home. Well, its time to pick for contemporary and modern designs of tables for our home.