Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Sneak Peek at my Footwear Collection

As a lady, i love to collect few footwear too as i love the idea of matching my clothes with the same color of sandals/slippers. It's not a secret that woman's secret vanity is with their fascination of different collectibles. Some loves collecting bags, accessories and maybe few clothes but as with me, i am not into huge collections. I would prefer keeping few pairs or footwear for convenience of my styles.

For formal occasions, id love the idea of wearing wedge. It makes me look elegant, taller and gives me the feeling of confidence when i wear this.

Wedge is a nice pick too when you choose to wear dress, skirt that is way too long for your legs and of course when you want to flaunt your leggings. It's a nice choose too when you attend special occasions. There are maze of wedges ready to grab at your nearest show store and online resource.

On some ends, i am fascinated too in wearing flats these days. Aside from the fact that my legs are no longer as strong as i was confident before in wearing high heeled shoes in a long hours. While flats offer convenience to the wearer, it also makes you a little carefree and simple yet hot. I don't know why it's also on trends, maybe because of its simple style that it gives to the lady. At present, i own few flats but this my most favorite wear, not for the fact that it's color is not choosy. I also love its simple animal design at the center.

As with my everyday wear, i love to pamper my feet with regular slippers. Though, sometimes i choose just to wear this when i do some errands at the city. Ipanema offers a different kind of pampering to your feet. It's a little soft when you wear it and of course, it's quality and durability is beyond compare. There are lots of designs to choose from too and you just need to get yours at an accredited store.

So, that's it for my footwear favorites. Sorry i can't manage to feature all of them. Till next time..