Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sick Me

While typing this update post, i am at the same time dealing with a runny nose while bearing a headache. This is the result of an unpredictable weather thet we've been having for a week. It actually started last night and the hubby told me to take some rest first but then when i woke up this morning, i just realised that the simple headache turned out to be a flu. How sad, since its kinda hard to perform some work obligations while having this not so good feeling. But well, if there is goodness about being sick, its the thought that my hubby is so worried. He would phoned me every now and then if i take my med and he would always check me from time to time. How lucky i am indeed.To my honey pie, thank you for all the undying love for me and the family. I love you so much and i will never get tired of telling that to you everyday.mwah!

Some Thoughts

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