Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm not Special, I'm Just Limited Edition

Gone are the days where i spent the whole night in regrets. Couldn't forget those sleepless nights where i spent the waking hours in vain. I remember a good friend who kept on telling me to stop messing and instead be brave enough to accept the reality that really sometimes LOVE hurts. Its indeed painful, no amount of words can describe how i was so broke at that time. But that were all in past. Now, they're just a simple reminder that you cant be sure of the people you love and that no matter how we love them, we cant force them to love us back the way we wanted them to be. Years has passed before i found a man that i can completely say, "there he is and hes mine". But it wasn't easy all along to finally entertain the past thoughts with a smile. But really after some great realization, i have finally learned that a great man needs not to be your ideal man sometimes the least man you could ever imagined is the one person who would gives you your ultimate happiness. Thats how my hubby is and thats how I'm a limited edition to him.

He's Worried

I was confined before for urinary tract infection and mind you it was the worst times of my life. IN time of my birthday and just in time where i had so many works to do. After that incident, i become picky of the food i eat and i usually drink lots of water. In fact, i resort on not drinking soft drinks anymore as i can observed that whenever i do drink a lot, i cant observed a sudden change of color in my urine. Anyway, i had an attack of it also last year which was a bit terrible too. I stayed in my room for two weeks and had a mild fever. I cant eat because i don't like the smell and my appetite seems so down. Just this week, i noticed that i am having difficulty in urinating and i immediately took some med but up to this day i just couldn't help but worry cos it might took me few days before i can recover. When my hubby called up las night and learned about it, he scolded for not taking it seriously. He advised me to see a doctor and drink plenty of apple juice, am not familiar either with that but just agreed on whatever he says to end the argument. Sometimes it feels great having someone to talk to, to confine to, to ask to and to share your ups and downs everyday. But I'm a less worrier now because i knew my hubby is there to support me and to love me even at my weakest.