Saturday, August 30, 2008

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Text Message Snoop

I guess its just so natural that whenever our partners are not around, we tend to check their phones for curiosity's sake, maybe just to check out who texted them very often, but whether we admit it or not the main reason why we want to check the mobile phones of our partner secretly is to find out if they have hidden secrets in their most private phones. According to study, women are more likely to check the mobile phones of their partners secretly, and that 73 percent of these sneaky checkers wished they hadnt, and 10 percent of these women ended their relationship because of SMS snooping.
Well, isnt it great to just have trust and confidence to our significant other rather than creating doubts and secret SMS spy, at the end it pays to be trusting.

The biggest boxing fight is on

It was confirmed by Manny Pacquio that he will be fighting Oscar de la Hoya by December 6, 2008, at MGM Grand, Las Vegas Nevada. There were news that negotiotions between the fight was not clear yet since there had been demands for both sides especially on how to split the revenue, which makes it too hard for both parties to decide evenly.
Nevertheless, the most awaited fight will be materialized very soon.Formal announcement with regards to the fight will be done by de la Hoya this week.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Babies know math too...

In the recent studies conducted abroad, it was found out that babies know math too. In the study, seven-month-old babies were presented with the voices of two or three women saying "look." The infants could choose between looking at a video image of two or women saying the word or an image of three women saying it. The babies spent significantly more time looking at the image that matched the number of women talking.
They concluded that these babies show internal representation of what they've seen,and therefore it just gave an idea to our researchers of the numerical ability of the said babies.
what if in the next generation, upon delivery of the said babies, they will already gave you the formula in the calculus, who knows?hehehhe

a sweet note from my lalabs

well it was such so flattering to receive such sweet message from
the love of your life..thanks honey for a very sweet note..
you make up my day,just want to tell you that whatever happens, i will
always be your sweet girl youve known from the start...

morning everyone

a blessed morning to all, i am here once again for my post for this day, coz maybe i might forgot again to update this blog,,hehehe..i went home late last night thats why i come to the office late too. I will have a very busy day today since my boss will coming over for a very important appointment today. I will be going too to our respective stores for check ups and to monitor too their sales, well the sun is shining great today and i guess this will be a very sweat day..hehehehe
hope to blog hop soon,,,see yah

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tips for a Happy Relationship

Its a fact that all individuals and couples wants their relationship to be nearly perfect if not that perfect. We all try and do things to make our significant other feel if she/he is the most important person in this world. well, i am sharing some tips for you, to attain a happy relationship:
1. Keep a lightmood in a relationship
- as everyone is telling us, the relationship should provide us an avenue to be happy, to discover the bright side in us. Be comfortable enough to be as open as possible to your partner because in the end it will help u both, in being sensitive to each other needs.
2. Do not focus on each other differences.
- of course nobody is perfect, that is why adjustment in a relationship is really so hard,considering that you are both different individuals, with unique attitudes and personality. However do not make that differences an excuse for your arguments and querrels. It is important to accept your partner as a simple man, an ordinary individual capable of commiting mistake, be very open of the possibility that your bf/gf might commit a mistake, dont worry, thats normal.
3. Be sure to forgive each other when problem arises
- The main problem and issue during break - ups is both parties are not willing to compromise, and because of that they end up having separate lives, well, if you want to save your relationship try to understand your partner and allow him to realize his wrong and if he promised to make up things, then gave him another chance to patch up things.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

A bad morning for me

I really feel so disappointed and frustrated today. So early in the morning when i received a call from a collegue, she told me that i will be a given a memo from our boss because i failed to text last night our rotesserie sales, i guess because i was not feeling last night plus the news shocked me as early as i get up today, it just let me pass in my ears, i knew from the start how i extended so much effort for that project and for the company in general, but the management never appreciate it and worst, theyre just fault finder rather than being a motivational structure. They all knew that we are a muti-tasked company, we are just few to absorb all the work and pressures of the management. Well, this just my avenue to express my sentiments, coz in here, im the boss, no one will reprimand me, nevertheless, life has full of unfair circumstances, we just have to be strong all the time, and a fighter, for every tests.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


The feast of Our Lady of Assumption last August 15, 2008 turned out to be a succesful event, tourists and visitors really came to witness the Pasaka Festival, which is the highlight of the celebration. Spectators were really so amazed of the presentation, contestants from different schools really made a very extravagant preparation, they had great customes, and indeed, it just boost in giving Tanauan, the name for great festivities.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

im back

After quite sometime that ive been away, finally im back to blogging. Ive been on leave for the past few days because of an occasion at our place, that is why i have to take a short leave at the world of blogging.Anyway, i had a great vacation with my family, we were complete at the house and indeed we had a great fun. Despite the stress at work and pressures from my boss, fortunately i did had a time to unwind and give myself a complete break.and it was indeed worth it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Boys do fall in love..

I remember a certin lyrics of a song ''Only fools rush in", funny yet it true, however it isnt always the case, coz i am willing to become one, for as long as i have him and i will be with him for a lifetime.
We had a great fight last night, over some non-negotiable issues, thu i tried to let things run smoothly, and offer compromise, he was just so good that he just let things be. He didnt even shout nor give ourselves space because of the said incident. It was just, it just made me feel bad over his silence, it kills me, it bothers my conscience, how can i afford to betray his love when he was so good, to deserve him? however, its too late for regrets, the damage has been done, ive already hurt him, thus i wish i should have done that, but let things happened that way, so that i will suffer the consequence of my stupidity.
But as bad as it seems, it also bring it positive karma, eventually, ive realized that he is a great man and that by this time, i want to change for him and for us. at the end of the day, i want him to realize that im worth keepin for.
i love u so much my baby, and you gave me reason to live my life once again, with love.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Recent Killings

This past few days, i was a bit paranoid about the recent killings that took place in Ormoc, What was bothering was the fact that the said incidents happened everyday with same scenario, i mean the said group is allegedly hitting commercial establishments and then rob the place after which they killed the people in the said establishments.
I was on my way home last monday, when a commotion took place, a cashier from a certain store came out from that place as she will already go home to her place, the poor girl was waiting for a motorcab when a group of unknown suspects robbed her bag and shoot her at the forehead, and immedietly flew away. Consecuently, i was at the motorcab when the incident happend, that's why i have really seen in my naked eyes how terrible the have done.
The following morning i've told the incident to my collegues and they have suggested to take precautionary measures with regards to that said gang that created chaos and fear to this place.
Last night i was in deep thought, i guess thats the after math of the incident that shocked my system, maybe the phobia is slowly taking place, but its the other thing that is bothering me, Indeed, death is like a thief in the night. Nobody knows when is our time at the book of life. I have been so busy with my work that ive forgotten my spiritual needs, ive forgotten to tell my significant others how i loved them that much, hopefully its not too late yet to do that, coz who knows its my turn.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

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Monday, August 4, 2008

i missed a lot of opps

opps were raining last friday
but neither one of them, i catched.
better luck to me next time..heheh

Friday, August 1, 2008

missing opps

That is why i feel right now, i wanna cry of disappointments. Ive seen a lots of opps with color gray and green, ive thought i can already grab the oppurtunity but then to my dismay, it always come out - all of the available opps are reserved-huhuhuhu. When can i grab those fishes? but then i still dont lose hope, coz everytime i wake up, i also include in my prayers for an opps for a day. Hope triple P will hear my prayer..hehehe