Monday, March 5, 2012

Its MOnday Again

Monday seems to bring so much rain. I woke up with those tiny drops running over our roof and well i kinda love the cold feeling that's why i end up oversleeping. But of course, i am off for work because i need to be always productive unless my body cant take it anymore. While seriously doing my stuff at work, the honey just called up to check if im feeling better. Yes, i was sick the past few days so he asked me to visit a doctor last Friday and i did for honey's sake. The good thing about me being sick is i get a lot of pamper from him. I lost my appetite because of the flu so i asked my partner if i could eat the food i was craving and without any doubt, he asked me to eat anything i want and gladly i satisfied my crave. I realized its not financially wise to be sick. Thus, maintaining your daily dose of med and vitamins is painful in the pocket. Funny, i complain when i don't even spend a penny.Anyway, i do hope you have a great day guys. Take care