Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The Senate Inquiry on jeteng probe has already started. ARchibishop Cruz faced the Blue Ribbon Committee as the whistle blower on the alleged issue of some politicians behind these game. In the midst of the inquiry, Senator Estrada told the hearing committee of his stand on the issue, saying that its better to legalize jueteng than stoping it.Because of the widespread operations of this game and rampant addictions of our fellow constituentes,some believes that thsi may bring additional revenue to the country if this will legalize but given the hypothetical theory of such bulk add on on our revenuew plus an economic stability, Is it good to hear from our international audience that the Philippines becomes progressive because of jueteng? If you are given such compliment, will you take it positively or the other way around. Thats the things. However, there are pors and cons attached to the battle of making this game legit, the after effect may be good to the country especially in this midst of crises and will surely be a great help to a financially crippled government and its not only the government that will benefit this decision, even our ordinary tao who rely on this game for their means of survival, more and more people will be given jobs and can avail of the social benefits. Some are even saying that why does casinos has legit opertions when in fact its also a game like jueteng and why this latter is always the main subject for moral standars when there are lots of illegit games in the country. To cap these, i believe is about time that we should come up with the right resolution to this problem, weigh those arguments and come up with the right decision that will be both beneficial to the government and to the society in general.

The Rain and Me

Its raining outside and i love how my roof sounds when the rain drops on it, i love teh cold breeze that the rain brings, everybody seems to be quite, i even hear snorring, they really love sleeping when the rain comes. My curtain is like a woman dancing, i bet she is enjoying too the wind and the cold breeze. I wish to sleep though i just woke up,, i wanted to stay more in bed and hug my blanket but i dont want to close my eyes coz when i do so i think too of the memories behind the rain, when someone sleeps beside you. When those time you always pray for rain because when the rain comes, you feel his arms around your body, feeling secured and feeling loved. Rain is a natural blessing from God to shower our forests and the dry land. We need rain so that we can balanced this hot atmosphere but to some we need rain so that the land may evolve as stronger like most of us need, a rain to mold us to be a better and stronger individual. I just hear few more drops and it means that it has finally showered all those gloomy clouds that ive seen an hour ago, those few drops means an end of the showering rain. The memories we had then may vapor as fast as time flies but as long as the rain comes, it will always be a reminder of the love made in the rain.