Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What color best describes love?

What color best decribes love?....

...for all we knew, red best describes it, during valenstines, red dominates the
season of love, it best expersses coursthip and love if roses are red..
ballons, candies and stuif toys are saleble duing valentines..
have we every wonder why?

actually love has no definites colors, nor does cupid prescribed any..
its just actually our common cultures and practices that prescribed what is acceptable
and what is being accepted by the social stigma...

personally, i go with pink,..for love
not because it my personal favorite but
its how i am being expressed as a person..
its actualy a color of feminiity
a color for for ladylike
a color best suited for good listener
for being gentle, caring
and above all
for being sweet...

as it all speaks
thats what's
for me