Monday, January 14, 2013

Fidelity, is It Worth It?

I am no perfect yet i am proud to say i am a one-man woman. It just fascinates me how i kept myself in distance to the opposite sex since day one of our relationship. I mean there endless chance to fall in love or to be with someone else arms but at the end of the day, when i think how my partner works hard to provide me with all the things i need then i don't think i have the right to start an affair.

To that note let me share with you a nice quote i found online:

Yes, it's all about true loyalty and proud to have kept that for so long. The good thing, we will be spending quality time for each other in few months. At long last, he can escape his chaos world and as early as this time i am planning our itenaries. It excites me big time to the point that my notepad is full of things to do every now and

That's all for now, Start the week right friends..Be Safe!!!