Monday, March 14, 2011


When can you say enough is really enough? When can you finally decide to cut the string? When you feel its finally so painful that being there or to continue doing it will really break your heart. I guess i haven't shared with you guys the story of my friend, who had fell in love, get pregnant but faced separation. The guys was her first love so all the fantasy's of a happy ending story was all she imagined. Until she came faced to faced with the sad reality, that life is not a fairy tale book, that life is also cruel, a bit. She found out that the guy he loved most is in love with somebody else and he choose to leave her to be with that girl. The heartaches she faced was fatal, i was really there when she was dying to death and even attempted to commit suicide but prayer has enlighten her. We advised her to attend recollections and to pray often. And now, she was finally healed. After a year, she choose to lived life with her son separately and leave the memories behind. After a year, she met a lawyer from Australia and the man married her and they stayed at Australia for good. This things are quite different from what we want and what we expects in life but one thing is sure, God has marvelous plans for us, when you choose to give up, its by way of saying - you are open for something better.