Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dad Of The Week - Winner

Last week, i submitted an entry for a Dad of the Week contest hosted by dadoftheweek.com. It was really a surprise that we earned the most public votes and thanks to my family and friends who never hesitated in sharing to their wall about our entry. I just read about the contest from a forum and timely i was not doing anything that time so i submitted an article about my dad. The following day i was paid $10 for the submission and the staff of the website was really accommodating especially Sir Ryan. He really encourage me to campaign for my dad so as to earn more votes.


After i receipt the email from the staff, i immediately told my sister to post on her wall about my entry. Gladly she did and so as my brothers and some of our closest friends. We just had 5 days to campaign and we were really sending offline messages to some of our classmates and friends. Its the thrill of getting the No.1 spot and of course its the instant $50 that we can get (to treat my dad) that really motivates us. Friday came, the public votes of my dad tied with an entry from Virginia and we really have to get more votes. My brother sent some more offline messages to some of his friends and finally Saturday night we were already ahead by 8 votes. It was the first time we joined with such online contest and what amazed me is the fact that my family members is indeed supportive in anything that we do. Anyway, im happy to share to my readers that my dad was chosen as the dad of the week for the last week's contest and the prices are as follows:
Every week day a Dad will be chosen as Dad of the Day by our editorial staff based on numerous factors and be featured on the front page of Dadoftheweek.com. Public visitors will then be able to vote for Dads that they feel deserve the recognition as Dad of the Week. The Dad of the Day with the most votes by midnight on Saturday of that week will automatically be chosen the winner and be recognized as Dad of the Week and win $50 cash to be spent on the family or given to a charity of their choice.

By the way here is the final votes we earned as of Midnight of saturday:


Well, i encourage my readers to join. You can submit your entry here.http://dadoftheweek.com/submit-a-dad/