Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Blah

Being inspired with someone is the simplest and the best reason why you find yourself
smiling without a reason. :)

It seems that i have a fantastic day, actually everyday is a great day. My love just arrived after an amazing fishing adventure. He was bragging that he caught 5 kilos of salmon fish. I was over busy at work because i need to catch up with few clients and im happy that i made it and meet my quota. The lunch break is a good chance for us to do some net surfing and i love it always because i am updated with some tasks and get the chance to update my portal too. I was not supposed to go to office because the hubby has errands for me and since he arrived late at home and wasnt able to drop by at western union so i will just do it by tomorrow. We need to pay some bills so in chaos to update him of the things we need to settle. Good thing i have a supportive honey pie. He didnt complain and he always understand whenever i have unexpected expenses. I love you honey and have a good rest now.mwah