Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boosts Your Sales

Having a hard time hitting your sales quota? Well, its so easy to do it. Its hassle free plus youll be guaranteed of a good result. Why don't you try to do some e-mail marketing? Im sure it will work for your product. I have known a friend and he tried this strategy and good thing he was able to hit his quota. When i was still a marketing specialist, i experimented different strategy just to boosts my sales and sometimes those strategies doesn't works for me, now i realized i should be more creative and innovative. Thanks to a friend who recommends me to this idea.

I'm just Thankful...

Everyday i always make it a point to share my everyday stuffs and the things i went through. Well, i wouldn't get tired of expressing my thanks to My God for all the blessings and guidance he has given me always. I am blessed to have a great work, a supportive partner, a great family and of course a wonderful friends. Speaking of family, we are planning a beach party this coming holy week. Its a big celebration for us since it will be an all in one birthday celebration. My father will be celebrating his birthday on the 28th while my sister will have it in the 24th. My brother just celebrated his birthday yesterday. I am so excited because my brother will be going home again and its going to be a week long affair. Well, life has its ups and downs. At one point, you'll feel greater but a day will come that you'll feel so down. I believe that God has its best way and perfect moment to give us our dreams and wishes. Its nice to stay humble all the time because at God's best time you'll realize that you're sacrifices will be all worth it.

Last night, my hubby and I we're talking about the possible chance where he could have his vacation.He has made it last year but this year is a bit not sure because of the so many things that he has to settle. This time i promise to bring him to my place because before i was not yet ready for the whole world to see him and us. But this time i decided to let him visit my place. From the start i never tell anyone about our plans and everything in between but now that everything is settled, its time that i make my own announcement. My hubby is even jesting that my family might not like him but now i knew he has a different thought about it already. Lets see if he can come over this year, and if he can, ill be the happiest person in the world. At some point, i realized that i made the right decision. This is it.

Internet Savvy

We are all hooked in internet surfing and anything we love to do in the internet. As for me, i love browsing for news, blogging, surfing just anything that interests me and of course online shopping. My friend once quote that the net is just about everything you need. If you dont know how to, then the net answers everything. Thats how marvelous the internet is. In fact, i laughed with the joke tat "Google" is now a verb and it is really. You can find variety of interesting things to do in the net, not just reading or browsing for latest updates from your idols but ultimately anything you want to know. You can just search it in different search engines. Well, speaking of search engines, have you heard of ppc search marketing ? My friend told me to use this search engine because its offers wider coverage. I wanted to try this. Lets see.