Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Meme

The day is quite gloomy and its nice to have a good sleep. I was having a great time watching some good movies at home and im planning to have a movie marathon later. Im lazy going out now though a friend texted if we can meet at downtown. Next week im planning to have a hair makeover if im not that busy but i knew i will be coz i have so many workload at office that needs my urgent attention. Im just done with all my articles and hopefully i can receive my payment anytime this week. Im really working so hard guys just to get the things that i want. I dont mind working in between my work loads just to meet the deadlines of my clients . To tell you honestly guys, im just shopping for fun and admittedly my clothes are not really pricey. In fact, i just get them from those little corners of the street while some are just given to me by some friends. While some of my bags are just bargain. I just bought it as cheap as you thought of. I need to be practical. I cant even afford to buy those signature bags and perfumes but in due time i know i can have them. I just love being fashionable and apologize if some are offended by me being so talkative in my blog. I just love sharing my stuff. Promise i will not share anymore if ill shop for cheap clothes and bargain stuffs.

By the way guys, im happy to tell you that im one of the bridesmaid of my bestfriend which will be wed next month. I was texted just this morning if im available on that day. I am so happy when i learned that im part of the entourage and i already have in mind where i can rent my gown. Cant wait to prepare for her big day. Yay, i knew i need to buy cheap footwear and bargain clutch. I hope i can have money until that time.