Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Extra Scoop

As planned, i decided to stay at home today and work with my backlogs. I still have few tasks to finish and still have so many things to do. My day started with a brief call from my partner just the usual good morning except that you start the day with a man dear to you simply gives a little fireworks inside, right? I took my bath so early because i want to refresh myself and my weekend foot spa happened. Glad, i did it today where i dont have business for malling or errands. I should say that my weekend is great but i dont think ill havethe same energy after im done with all my tasks.

Note: As im typing this post, im disturbing my honey and he is kinda irritated already. I just want him to get online coz i dont have someone to talk to or maybe i just want him to open his cam so that i could see him while his doing something, am i addicted? Hopefully now..hehehhe.