Thursday, August 5, 2010


I just love the fact that aside from writing reviews, my ptc sites seems a good source or molah nowadays, lately i am really amazed by onbux, coz aside from it has great offers and an amazing site like neobux, it also has more and more ads to view each day unlike others that u will just be given four ads to click. Today i clicked 7 ads at onbux so its really pretty good, i have 3 referrals there but if u want to join, just click the link and im happy to help u.

A Cold and Rainy Day

NO wonder were already in the midst of the year, the weather is already unpredictable, if before we were complaining about how hot it is always now its about how rain comes everyday.Seems the climate change has done the worst thing in this planet. Its always raining everyday and the result more and more people are getting sick. Fever and flu became very natural and worst some disease like dengue became so prevalent in some areas. Though its nice to be in bed during rainy season but what really scared us is the flood, because i knew some drainage were not yet fixed and some are even not working so i guess we just need to pray that this will not be worst like a super typhoon coz i know flood will be on our way.