Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Stats - Simply Amazing

Have you ever checked your blog stats now, i dont know if it already exists before but its just now that i noticed this "stats button" at my blogger dashboard nevertheless i am amazed by this tool, its the easiest way to know how many people viewed your sites and from what country are your viewers and what posts are the most viewed> Check your stats now, heres mine

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Untol Pinoy Story - Will Shock you

This email was sent to me a year ago if im not mistaken, and it really shocked me as well, just want to share this with you:

>>It Could Happen Only in the Movies<<<<<<


These two women move in different circles but they seem to lead
>>parallel lives.
>>Barbara C. Gonzales is the great-granddaughter of national hero, Dr. Jose
>>Rizal. Her great-grandmother is Dr. Jose Rizal's elder sister, Maria, a
>>liberated woman who was separated from her husband Daniel. Barbara is more
>>popularly known by her nickname, Tweetums. She once appeared in a Del Monte
>>tomato sauce TV commercial featuring three generations of women in the
>>kitchen. Yes, that was Tweetums with her daughter, Panjee, and Tweetum's
>>mother whom they fondly called Mamu. Tweetums
>>was married to Ramon Tapales, a successful businessman.
>>Their daughter, Panjee Tapales ( a.k.a. singer Panjee Gonzales), was
>>co-host of ABS-CBN's daily morning show, Alas Singko Y Media (now Magandang
>>Umaga Pilipinas) and its defunct Sunday morning game show with Roderick
>>Paulate and Eric Quizon. Panjee soon became the second wife of ABS-CBN
>>chairman, Gabby Lopez. (But that's another story.) Tweetums writes about
>>art and culture in her column for the Philippine Star.
>>She has published a couple of books consisting of collections of her essays
>>from her newspaper column. She remains a highly-respected media
>>personality, being the president of a major advertising company.
>>Socorro Alicia R. Quirino is the granddaughter of former president
>>Elpidio Quirino. More popularly known by her nickname, Cory, she
>>hosts a lifestyle show on TV. Her kidnapping ordeal a few years ago was
>>made into a movie entitled, The Cory Quirino Kidnap, which was directed by
>>massacre king Carlo J. Caparas. Cory was married to Roman Cruz, Jr. who was
>>the president of Philippine Airlines and head of Government Service
>>Insurance System (GSIS). Cory writes a regular column on fitness and health
>>for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. She also published a series of health,
>>beauty and inspirational books. She remains a highly visible media
>>personality with her radio and TV programs.
>>While Tweetums and Cory were both successful in their respective careers,
>>their personal lives were not as rosy. Tweetums Gonzales and her husband,
>>Ramon Tapales, eventually decided to lead separate lives. Likewise, Cory
>>Quirino and her husband, Roman Cruz, Jr., soon parted ways.
>>Indeed, Tweetums and Cory seem to lead parallel lives.
>>Then, in a strange twist of fate, the unthinkable happened. . While
>>geometry teaches us that parallel lines can never intersect, the parallel
>>lives of Tweetums and Cory did intersect.
>>Tweetums Gonzales got married to Cory's former husband, Roman Cruz, Jr.
>>Meanwhile, Cory Quirino got married to Tweetum's former husband, Ramon
>>Just like in the movies.
>>And you know the rest of their story.