Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home Improvement

If money is no problem i really want to do some extensive renovations at home. I wanted to change our paintings, put more divisions at our kitchen, remodel our house and of course put a decent flooring. I always dream of having a comfortable home but then as of now there are some priorities that needs to be taken first before that. I understand that all of us dreams to have a wide spaced home, a car and even a house that could can be proud of. If i can do some improvements by now, it woudl probably be Tile flooring because i always admire a floor whic is tiled cause it brings a different glow into the eyes. Its clean and gives visitors an appreciation and admiration to the house. As of now, its a priority that hopefully can be done real soon. When i visited my friends house, ive seen how their flooring was made. It was tiled and the color is just right to colors of their walls. I love to pick light colors cause it will give a feeling of serinity to the home. Well, how soon could i do the renovation, is that very soon? Time could tell and my finances. So far, i still need to save for my sisters review, in time everything will be at the right place hopefully.

With Flying Colors

We'e been tagged as twins for quite sometimes now because according to some friends we have some similarity. No wonder, we can be looked alike because most of the time we've been together. Sharing laughters, nonsense stories, exchange of thoughts and of heartaches most of the time. She's all ive had and its only me that she has in terms of companion, bestfriend and a sister. We've gone through a lot and our family's journey was never been the best nor a path of bed of roses. We are also the typical family who underwent trials, tribulations and name it, we've been through it. We've been through the eyes of judgemental people, we heard the most painful insult, we've gone through the worst trials a family could ever had, but we went through all of this through prayer. The solid relationship that our family has was the only arm that we knew to combat people who wanted us down. We were still so young when our family faced a lot of trials. For one, my father decided to leave his high paying job because of management conflict, my mom faced painful trials and suddenly we became the center of peoples insults, judgement and everything they could ever imagined and tagged with our family. As young children, we couldnt do otherwise but to just swallow all those painful words but our father has never get tired of reminding us to be humble always. I coundt remember of a day we never prayed as family.
The financial crises we faced was so terrible that it came to a point that we coudnt pay even our electril bill just to pay our tuition fees. We never mind anymore our neighborhoods hearsay about us because we wanted to finish our studies, in all means. Good thing, my brother graduated and had easily look for a job. He was the one who financed the schooling of my younger brother while i was a scholar in my college years. After quite sometime, i graduated too from bachelor degree and i managed to be one of the cream of the crop of the graduating class and soon find a job too. In God's mercy, my younger brother has finished his management degree and is now looking for a job.
This year, its our younger sister's turn. After 5 years of studying, she has now reached her final destination in her degree ( Bachelor of Science in Accountancy). And just lats night, she informed us that she is one of the cumlaude of the class. The family was really in deep joy cause its no easy to be one and we felt so proud that she is part fo our family. My tatay was really overjoy and cried when he heard the news coz finally, his duty as parents has come to an end and he fullfill it with flying colors. No amount of words could ever described the sacrificed he gave to us and to our family. The times he would do all the part time jobs just to meet both ends. The days we would just choose to live with no electricity because the tuition fees are more important and now it's time to reap the fruit of hard earned labor. My parents dont have any resources or inheritance that they could have from their parents. They only have us as their wealth and im proud of the fact that we've been the best daughters and sons to them as they are the most treasured parents for us.
I certainly believe that your family is your basic support system and its all that you have. In joy and in pain, they will just be the people who will remain constant in loving you and in taking good care of you. My family maynot be the best in the world, my parents may not be as good as the rest, my sisters and brothers may have some unkind deeds for sometimes but at the end of the day they are the people i will love, i will treasure and will forever be priceless untl the end of time.