Friday, October 5, 2012

Taking Advantage of Internet's Resource

For the past few days, the world wide web is bombarded with few issues which actually centers on responsible usage of the latter. Yes, we all knew how great this toll is. From helping you with your research, shopping online, paying bills, reuniting lost contact from former classmates and a lot more. Nonetheless, no matter how we tackle the importance of internet into our lives, we still can't deny the fact that there are drawbacks that we wish to settle or address due to irresponsibility of some. Yes, it became an avenue to disrespect someone, to air out concerns and rants is a way that is libelous and few to mention irregularity that the present law is trying to address.

I am actually talking about Cyber Crime Prevention Law. Yes, it the latest enact of the higher seats to regulate proper usage of the net. I personally believe its important and essential as it will bring goodwill to everyone but then the question of limitations is the new talk of the town. How is one properly charge for cyber crime? Where will it start and what is the governing rule and standard. It's hard to set without prejudicing the freedom of speech and the common right or an ordinary user. I do personally afraid of the further circumstances but i still believe that it will be delivered with the best interest of all.

Talking about internet, with all it's wonders that we are enjoying. I couldn't stop myself browsing few internet's resource and taking advantage of them. I also came across my friend's search on free lesbian porn and it made me smile big time. How could this friend search for the said videos. She might be curious on that. I guess so, its no surprise for me hence it allows few users to satisfy their curiosity.The latter is compatible to new gadgets like Ipad, mobile and even tablet so you don't have problem opening up on to this application. But of course, you need to be at least 18 years to do some watching and browsing of the said videos.

Thus, i always recommend responsible use of internet. I do believe in that sense and it's everyone role to do so.

Friday Thoughts

Well, i checked out late folks as i decided to bond with my mom. I let her enjoy some stuff like eating outside and bought her few shirts. I wanted to that before but then i was in the midst of offline errands so i have to postponed it for awhile. But now, im happy i did it. It was so perfect for us as the mall have few shoppers. Thank God, my mum enjoyed the meal and let her take out some cakes stored at the fridge. Well, its not my idea actually its my man's generosity.

On the other end, i am flocked with so many blessings and writing tasks to do. Thank you to the Almighty for all the blessings HE bestowed on me. I got few direct ads to do and ill be working for the first time on a new site. So, good luck to me. See you in awhile, i will be working first :)