Saturday, August 21, 2010

THis Guy Is In Love With Me Pare

well, i just had an avid suitor now, and i guess im flaunting my self because this guy is really so gentleman hope this is not just his way of displaying his best side and hiding what needs to be hide, but sad to say im not open for relationship this time coz aside from the fact that i am exclusively for someone and not anymore available but its just so very womanly that u become so flattered whenever this person became so interested with u. But i still love the man who owns my heart now and never will i trade him with anyone, as what he said " just love and sacrifice" as he we are far away as of this time, but he is processing his papers so that we can settle down the soonest.

BB Pilipinas International 2009 Died

A very fresh news from the televisions while im watching just today, our BB pilipinas International 2009 died or road accident.Melody Gersbach died on the spot when her car collieded head -on with a passenger bus, her driver and her coutier also died from that accident,just an hour ago the BB Pilipinas commision had sent their condolonces to the family.