Friday, May 30, 2008

summer outing

i will be off for 3 days for our summer outing, we will be going to a resort at Guian eastern samar,
i will be back with pics on that...miss u all

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

im sick

For the past few days, i havent updated my blog because i was a bit busy with work and yesterday i was not really feeling well, i was suffering from lose bowel movement disorder, i dont if it was the food that i eaten or it was because i had hyper acidity, i was about to be rushed to the hospital when i was relieved by the pain reliever med that i took. It was really so hard because i knew i am near to dehydration, i vomit most of the time and and i look pale. But thank God it went fine now and i know i need to be well coz i dont have my family with me, i was really crying that night coz no one takes good care of me, i dont know what to do and i missed my family for that..

Friday, May 23, 2008

Life lessons

Life is a journey of mystery, of pains, of happiness, of unending lessons, of trials, of hope and more of an experiences of faith, for us to be able to realize that our life is just temporary and that we should always be thankful for the everyday life, for everytime we woke up each morning, for every breath is always a blessings. These days i have heared a lot of news all over the world of different tragedy's may it be man-made or natural phenomenon, it quite sad to know that these things happens, and worst we all wait for these things to happen, for us people to realize some great values and moral issues that should be taken into consideration always, The Myanmar cyclone give us one important lessons, and that is to give due consideration to our environment coz at the end of the day its that single tree that will save us from floods and natural calamities, and if we will not protect our environment global warming and green house effects will come to worst. Secondly, the killings at RCBC bank which caused death of 10 innocent people reminds us that, life is so uncertain, no one knows when we pass away, in the same manner that no one can tell what will happen, and on that, we should always prepare ouself for whatever that will come along.Faith to our almighty God, is the best weapon. Lets think about what God HAS blessed us with what we are doing each day to promote ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally. I hope you have a blessed day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

it just makes me sad...

Last night we were haven sort of bonding with my board mate since we will be leaving our boarding house by the 25th of this month, while we were busy talking about anything that weve encountered in our room, i began to packed my things so that i would not cram by the day we will leave, i really couldnt help but smile, but it really makes me sad to think that il leave the room i once become my home for more than a year. The laughter that weve shared, the pains and my heartaches, the room was the only friend who saw what i went through, and now the day comes for me to leave my home, and for that i would choose to leave the memories, coz as i packed my things for a new place, i would like to believe that i would start a new place full of hope for a wonderful days ahead.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Calicoan Island - Guian Eastern samar

Located in the southernmost tip of eastern samar is the spectacular location of a 3 kilometer stretch of white-sand and a clear water ideal for surfing, fishing and for relaxation, if you want to unwind yourself from the stress and pressures of city life.Abundant with natural beauty and fresh air, world class tropical forest and breath taking white beach is what awaits visitors of they called "surfers paradise".
There are hundreds of reason why calicoan island is more than a boracay, but nevertheless still it gave credit to the country that indeed we are the home of great beaches..happy summer everyone.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

ASK USGS message

This is just a follow up post about the text message that is currently circulating the country.
This is an official statement from the information services of US Geological survey, united states of america.

May 14, 2008
Thank you for your request.
This information from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology: The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology would like to inform the general public that the text message currently circulating in the Philippines about a prediction by a certain “US Geological Society” of a “magnitude 6.8 earthquake to hit Philippine Plates tonight”, purportedly issued by the “Hawaii State Emergency Preparedness Office” IS A HOAX. This hoax started the day after the Magnitude 7.9 China earthquake of May 12, 2008.
There is no organization currently capable of predicting an earthquake which is very specific in terms of magnitude and the date. There is no “US Geological Society”, only US Geological SURVEY but this agency does not issue immediate predictions especially for areas outside the United States of America. Past experiences show that rumors of a predicted strong earthquake are common after disastrous earthquakes in nearby countries. The Philippines can be affected by a major earthquake but as to when exactly this would happen cannot be predicted and what is important is we continue to practice earthquake preparedness and risk reduction measures. you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us again.
Bob Kimmel
USGS Information Services
507 National CenterReston,
VA 20192703-648-5934

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

6.8 intensity earthquake will hit philippines tonite?

i received a text message just this late afternoon about a 6.8 earthquake that will hit philippine archipelago tonite, i was really so worried when i initially read the entire message because as per quoted it came from us geological society. Thu i wanna think it was totally absurd, but i cant help worrying because absulotely no one knows what will happen tomorrow of even tonite.Prayer is the best weapon for all our fears and worries and hopefully this is just simple chain messages that is just passed to create false alarm, but as what theyre always telling us, its better to be prepared always and trust on his will, because at the end of the day His will will always prevail.

Myanmar cyclone

The most devastating cyclone to hit asia since 1991, as what the experts says about the massive storm that swept nearly 22,500 people from myanmar and 41,000 missing as of tuesday. Deaths were because of the tidal wave than of the storm, which is really true because as far as ive remembered, the same incident happend in Ormoc city wayback 1991, wherein there was really no storm but due to constant rains, heavy floods swept the place. The water actually came from the mountain which happened at daytime which leads to less casualties, than if the tragedy occured at night, because Ormoc was sorrounded by oceans, bodies of death people were like garbages floating at the oceans and was carried by the flood. The level of floods reached the rooftops of the houses of the residents here, even a two-storey house was not exempted by the flood.
Food shortages was the primary problem on those days since there were no way or other means they can give donations or assistance. What the survivors were doing, was to look for tall buildings and houses wherein they were safe and since they were lots of fish that were floating together with the floods, they do fishing at the floods and that would serve as their food to satisfy their stomach.Thu, it is quite sad to reminisce those moments, they're still thankful that at least it didnt reached to a point that the place was erased from the map, still the tragedy gave a little hope to the survivors for a bright day ahead.

Monday, May 12, 2008

for my mom: a special tribute for mother's day

i could still remember during my elementary years, it was the first time, the school could ever have a school band, everybody at the class was so excited about it and a lot of my classmates auditioned to be s school band member, of course im not exempted to that, at that time, if you will become a member of the school band, you will surely get popular and you will gain lots of friends. I passed the audition and become one of the minorretes of our school, however when i informed my mom about it, my parents scolded me because the uniform alone is so expensive plus we will shoulder all our instruments so for sure my mom's budget will be at risk. I was so sad at that time that i hate my mom for not allowing me to be a member of our scholl band, i remember i envy my classmates and i admire the mother of my classmate cause they allowed their child to participate in the drum and bugle activities..from that time on, ive asked myself if i was really a true child of my mom (stupid), i even questioned if she really loves me, because i was thinking she wasnt, because if she does she should have allowed me because she knew for a fact that i wanted to be one of that prestegeous organization.
years had passed, i already forgot that incident but i cant help remembering it, when again at my college years they did not buy me a new phone, when in fact my brother had new one, as if i was still a child when i pity myself because they bought a new cellphone for my brother but for myself was the old one of my kuya.,i once asked "am i really a true child?" that was the second time i question the love of my mom for me.
but what i did not knew, all those times when i was insisting to be a band member, when ive thought my mom doesnt love me, at those time when we were at scholl, my mom was selling like a flower pot, looking for buyers just to send us all to school because at that time my father had resigned from his work, i didnt knew much of her sacrifice for us, i didnt knew how she had managed to walked all day in the entire town just to be able to look for buyers for her pot. i didnt knew how she had lots of sunburn because she didnt complain of the heat of the sun, because she worry we might not be able to eat at dinner, i didnt knew too that sometimes she was not feeling well, but she still managed to cook for us, iron our uniform and still we complain because our food was not that delicious.
I should have known, that she was a perfect mom, i should have known that she was completely the mother we all took forgranted, whose smile was ordinary for us but cries behind our back just to get away from our worries. at my 23, seldom i thank her for all her kindness, her care and for her uncondional love., i knew i have hurt her a lot of times, and i wasnt able to say sorry for it.
on your special day mom, allow me to give you a special tribute for the care, the love and for my life, you would always be very special; i may not have said it once but from this day on i would always value you presence; thank you for giving light to the family. i love you always.

a glance at yesterday

Gone are the days were lollipops and dolls are enough to brightens the day, childhood days full of innocense, days free from pains and heartaches, funny how i was so eager to grow and become a lady and experience the mystery of love, however it was just yesterday that ive realized that wounded knees are easy to heal than broken hearts.
I wouldnt be as strong as i am if not of the tragic days that i went thu in my past relationship, at the same time i wouldnt be this happy if i didnt learn to value myself and if i didnt choose to be happy. moving on isnt about stopping to love your ex, its about loving him quietly, sometimes you need to have separate lives for u to grow, because sometimes both parties finds it hard to grow while in each other's arms, and break up means a time for both of u to grow separately, to give each other the freedom to search for all the best in the world, and once you have the best and still choose your partner above anything else, thats would lie the mystery of true love, because its accepting her/ him unconditionally, even if she's the ugliest person in the world.hehehe.
Taken a glance at yesterday doesnt mean i havent learn to move on from my past, rather it shows that i have completely closed all the chapters of that book and i just take some scan of it now because there is no more pain left, im brave enough to read it, to share the lessons before ill keep it for good.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

malamawi island

Theres are the places that indeed made our country a tourist destination in the world, because we are endowed with beautiful beaches and a must- see tourist destination, above is the aerial view of malamawi island in zamboanga city, part of basilan province in mindanao. Thu its not really so popular because some are hesitant to visit places in mindanao, but they are indeed so great, and i can assure you that youll surely be amazed of the place, because the hidden paradise of the philippines are mostly kept in far away provinces.

What awaits the visitors there, is the fresh air, virgin islands and a really refreshing environment, its not yet exploited and among of the virgin forest in the country. If you want to experience a diferrent summer escapade, check out malamawi island.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy

It was on the late 80's when philippines became known worldwide because of our beautiful filipinas who had made it in the prestigeous title, but after a decade, it became so seldom for pinoy to be known in the world arena, or maybe if there had been, it was because of the devastating economical situation and other political dilemma that the country had underwent.
But recently, it truelly made me proud of being filipino because of our fellow filipinos who really excel in their field of expertise, among to mention is Manny Pacquio, whom from the start really had a good fight over his opponents, and from that he had proved to whole world that Filipinos has something to be proud of, Its really amazing that in every fight that he had, its also like a fight of every filipinok, and for every winning moments, i always says "im proud to be pinoy".
Second in the list, is the very contoversial Ms. Charice Pampengco, who was just a runner up in a singing contest but eventually made it in the top arena because of youtube, now she is the favorite guest of the international host like Ellen, Oprah and even in Paul O'Grady show in UK. She is that popular, and ive heared she will join a tv shows with Celine Dion and other big names in the international stars. Sometimes its really hard to believe that these simple and ordinary people before who once had dream of gaining names in their own field have finally made it now, and whats amazing is that, their fight became a fight of every filipino, their achievement paved the way of building filipino talents in the international stage.
Their stories are truelly inspiring and their achievements became dreams of people who wants to follow their footsteps.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

my angel

We refer people sometimes an "angel" especially if they have done great things, or special favor for us. They are the people who were really instrumental in making things runs smoothly, in this sails of life. As for me, i had lots of people i want to thank, for everything that they have done for me, for my blog in particular. First to mention, is Axecity, hes really so nice from the very start. He gave a lot of advices and help in my blog especially to matters where i really dont have idea at all, to you my sincere thanks and gratitude, you are really blesses coz you are a great man, i may not thank u personally but deep in my heart, you will be one of the few people who touched my life, honestly i really appreciate every inch of help that you have exerted to me, thu i am a stranger to you, your great heart really just reminds me of one thing.That angels do exist, if we would just learn to see the small things.
Second id like to extend my warmest gratitude to mark, for helping in my PPP matters, it just went better when he gave me advices of what i should do, and to the rest of you guys who had extend a helping hand, my million thanks.
May God always bless you because of your good deeds. mwah

a great day

good morning friends, well i had a great news, im really so happy to tell everyone that my post was already approved at payperpost, isnt it great? after a few days of rejection, finally it was already approved, and im so excited to write post again...hehehe

Monday, May 5, 2008

reminiscing the past

My past was already a closed book, they say it better to end whatever that caused you pain. its better to put a mark to things that really hurt us, that allowing them to hurt you constantly. i just did.and now im ready to talk about it, for past sake.
That was a few months ago when i was hit by cupids arrow, i have fallen in love to someone ive thought i was especial, those were the times when i thought i couldnt ask for more. I considered him the missing puzzle in my life. The relationship took us about quite a few months, months of arguments, moments i thought will be forever, moments i cherished the most. i do really love him that much. Sadly, it came to a point that he choose to have separate path, a path he would rather walk alone, a path he wasnt brave enough to walk with me. The decision he made, really hurt me badly, that was just the time i could remember, ever in my entire life that i cried really the entire night. I had lots of "if only i do this", "if only i do that". My faith was really tested that time, it was a tug of war between my feelings and what my mind really want me to do, but at the end of the day, sanity prevails.
The moment he choose not to hold my hand, God holds it, and after all that was said and done, i choose to accept my destiny, our destiny - that we were not really meant for each other. The aftermath was so painful, as it was like a castle that have been destroyed by wave after the great effort of building it. However, it was lately that i said to myself that i have appreciate what God has done for me, even though he had left me with broken hearts, he leaves a learning experience - not to be too trusting and learn to wait for God's best time.
To those who have experience pain, be glad of it coz it is a great oppurtunity in shaping up our life.Learn to accept failure and disappointments, coz love is also a game to play,you won if the one you love, loves you back and you lose if the person you choose to love, loves somebody else. I just had the later.,and looking forward in winning the next game.

Rice shortage?

I actually about to write about the hotel which i worked before and somehow write a litttle review about it, however, the very annoying news made me decide to comment on this issue.
I actually dont understand why the media really emphasize shortage of our staple food,and why our television always highlights inssufficient supply of rice. Honestly, the only problem in our country is we create false alarm to our fellow filipinos through the media channel, we gave exaggerated reports because in the first place headlines on that matter would surely attracts readers however the cons is we gave worry and create a very alarming economical situation to the country.
If you happened to visit our province, especially in our place, you really cant tell that theres really a shortage because everyday we can see hundreds of sacks harvested from the farm, this summer it already became a typical scenario of ricefarm abundanly blessed with "palay", you can see our farmers harvesting their precious gold.,the farmers house is really full of sacks of rice..then the government will say theres shortage?
I guess they just failed to consider that our rice from the farmers are bought by these businessman and then some are kept for business sake. Our National Food Authority who is supposed to take control and proper monitoring should really see and do something about the said crises, since it is really so alarming to see headlines about the shortage.Proper authority should stict to their mission and vision in protecting the filipinos and making sure that in each passing day, we can assure that of our staple food prepared in our respective homes.