Friday, May 28, 2010


Mom to be Judy Ann Santos has finally revealed the gender of her first ever child and its a baby boy. I knew its going to be as handsome as Ryan and as sweet as the mom. Well the couple is very much lucky, arent they?

Friday Blah

Well Friday is friday, whatever it is, its still the last day fro work and tomorrow is a day to look forward to. Tomorrow ill surely go to department store as i need to buy a lot of stuff including personal and basic needs like food and sleepers too. A friend invited me to watch movie tomorrow, ill probably go with them but tomorrow i need to visit the apartment well probably transfered to. Its actually a large place, there are 3 bedrooms, has its own kitchen and a living room. Its spacious and good thing we were able to receive it. Its actually that big coz were planning that in case my family want to stay here or visit us, theres a place for them and no need to look for a hotel. Well, im so tired now, my eyes are heavy coz had a stressful day.


As you may be aware, people have been having trouble accepting opportunities on the new site. Some of this was bug related which our amazing Dev Team has already corrected and some of it has to do with our continuing efforts to provide meaningful disclosure across all of the IZEA properties.
Toward this end, we have added a new required field at inPostLinks for your blog’s disclosure URL which must be verified for each blog before you are able to accept opportunities.
To enter this information to your account, choose the ‘my blogs’ link from the ‘my account’ dropdown at the top right of your dashboard.

Then click on the title of your blog.