Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Earnings

As promised, im going to post my dashboard for my May Earnings at my favorite site. THis is the fruit of my hard earned labor and sleepless nights of product reviews but at the end of the day its always rewarding.

I remember a friend who is enjoying the fruit of this kind of online earnigs. She said its pretty addicting. True indeed, because when you check how much you are getting for just a simple task then it vanish all yoru stressed and fatigue. Earning online is as simple as learning ABC the trick is, you just need to find the right site.

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Looking for the Best Charter School?

Its indeed not easy to pick for a school for your daughter, right? Sometimes you have to do some background check so as to be assured that you're sending your daughter to a school with competent facilities and excellent teachers. Perhaps, you have heard of the so called charter school? Well, a charter school is a nonsectarian public school that is run by non-profit group rather than being part of the traditional public school system.

Although, a charter school is not expected to adhere with the basic rules and standards of a public school but each institution must aim for academic excellenceso as to report their academic success. Having successfully produced top caliber students will give them a good rating thus making them easy to renew their contract. Well, those facts are indeed informative and somehow its the primary reason why most mom choose a charter school than enrolling their child at a typical public school.

Girls Bonding

We decided to take some leave because we want to freshen up from the stressed that has been dominating our nerves for the past few days. True indeed, it was such a great day. We roam around the mall and we bought fashion mags, we were also looking out for a lappy bag for our notebook. We have found a great pick, its also pink like my notebook. Ill surely buy that next week. Hayst, i saw a beautiful dress there and i guess im going to get it when my hubby will send some. Over all, it was a great day. Ill do my pending tasks now.