Saturday, April 30, 2011

Klikot : Lets you Earn!

Are you a member of Klikot? Perhaps you are, for those who are not familiar with the site, its a social media that lets you earn while doing the stuff you like. Its like a Facebook and your Twitter account, only that it will give you points and money rewards once you give traffic to the site. I heard from many friends about how Klikot pays to its members generously and i wanted to take the chance of getting to know the site.

I love experiements and i dont just rely on reviews and peoples personal experience. I wanted to see for myself if the site works and if it is, i recommend it to some friends. I remember the other night, my sister is complaining how she lost interest with Facebook because of so many ads underneath and at the sidebar of your account. She is pissed how the site takes advantage of every members. Well, its certainly a good news to her coz i would recommend the site.

To those who have social media accounts, dont forget to sign up there and lets be friends.

Happy Weekend

Saturday brings a different glow to my eyes, wondering why? because this is the day where i love most. THis is the day where i could do anything at home, watch non stop movies, sleep all day and bond with my nephews except of course if i have so many things to do. In the coming days, we will be welcoming another month. May for us stands for festivities. You can find so many fiestas and other summer activities in this month. IN fact in our place, there are so many youth activities that were facilitated to promote sports development among youths. I heard that there will be lots of ball games and parlor games. It would also be fun and entertaining is there will be fun activities to be tied in like cultural show, some pageant and even cheer squad competition. I asked a fellow to help the SK Chairwoman in soliciting her prices which i would gladly donate if i am asked. Its really nice seeing these youth enjoying this summer instead of wasting their time at home. Im proud to share that it was during my sisters administration that these kind of activities were started. She spearheaded these kind of activities though at that time there were no support from the council especiall that there were people who doesnt want her to succeed. But with God's help, my sisters projects and activities turned out to be a turning point in terms of youth promotions and other socio cultural activities. It was a hard earned labor and achievement amidst selfish people who hinders her projects. At the end of the day, my sisters leadership were successfully done.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Day for Tatay

We may not shower him with praise
Nor mention his name in song,
And sometimes it seems that we forget
The joy he spreads as he goes along,
But it doesn’t mean that we don’t know
The wonderful role that he has had.
And away down deep in every heart
There’s a place that is just for Dad.....


Ive thought that all fathers are as good as my tatay but all these years i realized that we were just so lucky that we were born to an incredible and great tatay in the whole world. They say that parents are best rated when children spoke, that is right. They say parents are labelled good when they sent their children to schoold, has nice clothes and is provided by a three time a day meal. That is absolutely right. But what they failed to say is that, all parents are priceless to the eyes of their respective children and that no matter how they failed in one point - they will still be the best parents in the world.

Maybe in some point ive been a good daughter but in all those times that ive been a headache to them, they still understands me. Few days back, i realized that sometimes ive been so selfish that i always think of myself than of the benefit of everyone but despite me being one, i didnt heard any compain from them especially from my Tatay. My father seldom talks, he seldoms get mad, he seldoms nag at us whenever we are wrong, he doesnt say hurtful words no matter how bad we are. But i realized its not that he doesnt want to talk to, rather he just wants us to realize our wrong. To our dearly beloved Tatay, im never been vocal in telling you how we loved and cared you. But in this special day of yours, let me just tell you that you are the greatest gift from God. You are the very reason why we are strong, and everything that we are now.

Happy Birthday to you Tatay.

Technology Updates

Who wants to be outdated in the latest gadgets and accessories? No one wants to be left behind, right? Everyone of us wants to be updated and be in the latest trend of technology. In fact, those who are gadget savvy always keep track of the latest Ipods, cellphones, laptops and other releases of the top company. Their release date are always flocked by customers, local vendors and other people who are curious about their new products. Well if you are one of those people who are eyeing for "whats the latest in technology?', then you dont need to follow the news 24/7 because ive know a site who especializes in Technology news plus reviews and other interesting and informative reviews about the latest trends. Worry no more because you can access it in just a click of your finger. Im talking about Tech Blog. This is an incredible blog that offers a wide array of gadgets, technology updates and other interesting news and latest releases from the top companies. Common bookmark it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Still Struggling....

Gosh, i am already complaining about the mess that this sickness brings unto me. Few days back, my feet was swelling because of the pedicure stuff that hit my toenail terribly. Ive thought, it would just be it. After the medications and all those pretty time consuming healing process i was then thankful that it a bit less painful that the first day. But i never thought, here comes another mess. The start of the week gives me a not so good news, i was infected with sore eyes which ive got from a neighbor. It was pretty bad because i need to really deal with is sensively.I mean i never thought it will fell this bad because i bought an eye drop when i started to feel uncomfy about my eyes. I really prayed that it wouldnt continue because i need to report to office already plus i have so many online tasks to deal with. With my condition, i cant think and its painful to be at the screen for few hours. You wount believe it but while doing this post i am wearing a sunglasses. I didnt actually tell my hubby about this thing because i knew he will just be worried. I felt he always deals with everything i wen through lately. From the UTI to the feet issues and everything in between. I knew he has so many things to think of and I dont think I need to tell him about this thing because i already felt how stressed he is even last night when we talked.

I always believe that he wouldnt like the idea of keeping this things behind his back but with everything that had happened this month. All those health issues that we have to face together. Its already a hassle giving him this burden. My eyes is really painful now, its so reddish and swelling. I already bought like 3 eyedrops for the past few days and today i decided to take antibiotic to deal with it quickly. The doctor advised me to get some rest and dropped this eye solution 3 times a day to have the noticeable effect. I hope its gonna work this time.

Out of desperation, i cant help but shared with my cousin about the past issues im dealing with. Last Holy week, i really prayed hard to free my eyes from those infection because i need to finish all those backlogs. But it didnt happen, somewehere i get disappointed because i need to work double time for all the coming expenses this month. But eventually i was enlightened by what my aunt told me, as she said " maybe God allowed this sore eyes to happen so that you could rest". Partly true, maybe this is her sweetest way of telling me that " My child, you need some break". I knew i was been so workaholic for the past few days. You cant imagine, i can almost finished 20 reviews a day in just one sitting. I didnt want to stop even my head is complaining already, coz we all know what it meant to us. Nevertheless, im strating to feel relieve by the mere thought that " Gods plan is better than what i believe is best for me". At least, i can see the light behind this frustrations.

Get Your AC Serviced Before Summer Arrives

Summer time brings much anticipation not only for children, but for people who want to experience the blue skies for their escapades and vacations. The summer season reminds me also of the ideal time to camp, visit friends, eat mouth watering foods and have all the adventures you can possibly think of.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Blues

Monday should be the start of a work day. But that isnt the case for me. Im still left out because i am still not kinda feeling good. Good thing i have a very understanding boss. Though i need to rest for a while but i couldnt because my mind is pretty occupied with a lot of stuff. Did i tell you that my boyfriend called me up a while ago and as usual he just checked out if im doing okey already, i knew he was also stressed on the past few days because of me. But, im really happy that he didnt leave while i was so sick. When i needed him to call, he will do so in just a single text. What more can i ask for?

I terribly missed him, especially these days that i feel so blue. I wish he is here. I wish i could have someone to talk to. But really, i am happy with our present state, a stronger relationship, a more solid foundation. He will be coming real soon but theres no definite date yet but i wish its few months from now, few days from now and if only its possible, i wish its tomorrow.Yay, a really hopeful heart. Thank you hon for everything, for making out the best of my life.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer Adventure

Few days ago, the rain kept on pouring and the wind seems a different weather than what summer implies of. But this week, the heat of the sun is very evident. In fact, i couldnt even go out of the house without wearing my sunglasses. My brother even commented that when he noticed a sun burn at his back because of too much exposure of the sun. Anyway, summer is really the best time for escapades, adventures, swimming and even vacations.

My cousin who stays in other place is planning to come over with his friends to do some mountain climbing and of course they are planning for a camping. Ive realized, its indeed a great time to do such adventures but where can i find the best camping supplies for them? That was my problem before, good thing ive browsed online of the best store for camping stuff. Just in time where i needed it. Are we in the same shoe? Visit the site then.

Wonder Slim Diet

Are you disappointed with your slimming pills? Yeah, i knew your rant, been there, done that. The slimming pills that you've bought promised you of a sexy and thinner body as what you've wished for. They even told you to take the vitamins once a day and see the result in just 15 days. Well, then. You have been tricked lady because for your info, the tagline has been in the market since the old days and yet many are still being fooled.

But dont worry because im not here to sell something, im here to help you take a trusted diet that will give you your desired body. Ive found an WonderSlim Diet that works well for people who wanted to make a difference in their respective body. It was tried by my friend and i was amazed by the result. She was thinner yet sexier. Ive realized its not the pills, nor other slimming capsules that really address obesity problem rather its the proper diet, right body discipline and of course your persistence to be slim. Now thats the best deal.

Happy Birthday Sister

I woundt pass this day without greeting my lil sister a happy happy birthday. She was greeted by some of her friends this morning and i knew it brought her so much joy. As a family member, i wish nothing but sincere happiness.May you find love, joy and peace in everything you do. Stay as sweet sister, as responsible daughter and as a loving girlfriend to everyone you dearly loved. I may not tell you always how much you mean to us and to me in particular but no words could approproately describe how important you are to us. May you be blessed the entire year, and continue to be humble despite all your achievements in life. I wish that your wishes will all come true day.. Love yah

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Im Sick

Yours truly is kinda not feeling better today. I am kinda sick and i wish i will be better so soon. Thank God, i managed to go to church the yesterday which was important for me because it was our church obligation. I noticed there are lots of people in the church yesterday. In fact, even the doors were fully crowded that there are even people outside of the church. Im happy that despite the world being so cruel and the many temptations and ups and downs of life, people still have time to pay tribute to our Lord. I hope the observance of the Holy week doesnt just give us peaceful and forgiving heart but also a body and soul for Christ. Its really useless to observe Christ passion yet talk and think bad towards other people.The real essence of Christ sarcifice and passion is to learn from HIS experience and not to to just see and prove to other people that you have go to the church. Its real meaning is even deeper than what we though of. I pity people who have a hard heart and still has insecurities to their neighbor, coz it just mean one thing. They havent moved on. Good day everyone!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Death of Jesus

While doing this post i am also watching the live coverage of the seven last words. Its so touching whenever you see the death and suffering of Jesus Christ. Today is the best day to reflect on ourselves if we are worth of Christ's suffering for us. Seeing his blood, the thorns and crucfying HIM at the cross is such so terrible. No ordinary man is willing to be crucified for the salvation of the other. In fact, in this real world seldom we see a man sacrificing himself for the sake of otheres. i wish somehow, in our own little deeds we could reflect and we should learn to love our neighbors like what God did for humanity.

Shoe Fanatic

Are you a shoe fanatic? Well then, this post is for you. Its undeniable that most of women love to collect shoes and buying a stylish new pair of shoes is such a satisfying moment for them. Nevertheless, it shouldnt be the color or the style that should be the main factor in buying, other than that it should the durability of the product that should be the main consideration.Speaking of shoes, ive stumbled a site that offers walking shoes.

This is surely a good news to women who are looking for a best find. Common, visit the site now.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Meme

Today is Holy Thursday and i just seen few people in the street. While me, im still here at the cafe. We are just done talking with my hubby. Instead of chatting, he just called up using his landline and talked to me while we are on cam. It took us more thab an hour to discuss everything that we want to talk to. he just arrived from work and i can still see his office stuff. But i knew later today, he will still call if he will be preparing to work. Long Distance Relationship is tough but its a great experience especially if you have a sweet and supportive boyfriend like my hubby. What a sweet day, time for me to go.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Between..... online tasks, i managed to give myself a break because i dont want to get drained and stressed again. I manage to grab 9 posts today and i need to submit it before the deadline. Good thing, im in the mood to write because as of this writing, i am done with the seven posts and currently working my eight posts. Hayst, life of a blogger is an absloute tiring yet a rewarding job. Do you agree?

Anyway, tomorrow is already Holy Thursday. What are your plans guys? are you planning for a vacation or an escapade probably. Well, that is a great break. You would surely enjoy such adventures. Im about to finish of my last task. Yepey.

Online Tasks

I am quite blessed to hav few online tasks to finish. I have just started to work on some while the rest are on my jobs list to do. But, im not complaining at all, in fact in super happy because it means something else. I just arrived from downtown as we did our grocery with my mom. I also bought a new dress for the Lenten Season. It took us few hours to shop and roam around. After which, i baked some sweets and decided to blog. Thank God, i never missed the pouring of online tasks as ive managed to catch few of them. Anyway, my brother will be coming tonight and we will be spending together as a whole family. Lenten for us is just few of the much awaited holidays because it means a family bonding to us. Honestly, i really have lots of things to thank God for this great year for me. Im just grateful that HE is so good to make all my wishes come true. I wish the Lenten observance gave you and me too a nourished spiritual journey all through out the year.

Scalp Care

Vanity needs not to be expensive for as long as you know the techniques and proper care for our body, then personal hygiene will become so easy and affordable. Personal care has something to do proper bathing, proper grooming and of course making ourself presentable to the people around us. You should never get tired of making yourself neat and clean because your grooming refelects your personality. For instance, in hair care, its importance to use the right shampoo and right comb to give your hair a smooth and shiny finish. There are variety of Kadus for hair and scalp that is available in the market. Test which of them best suits your hair needs. Try to shop at them online and get yourself the right pampering product for your hair and scalp.

Business Management Courses

When i graduated from my secondary years, i wanted to take up a business course because i believe that there will be more jobs available for me when i finished my degree. Nonetheless, my dream course never came true because i was offered an scholarship to take up Public Administration. The course is also great and i learned a lot of important things especially the whole spectrum of the government, in general. But if i will be given the chance to study again, i will enroll in the course that tackles the area of business management. Speaking of busines management, ive stumbled in a site that gave me vital information about such. I visited and was really amazed of how the site was informative for people who wanted to significant ideas about management courses. Visit it guys if you want to learn more about management stuff.

Electronic Cigarette

In the world of technological advancement, everything is possible. From communication aspects, home convenience, work comfortability and even from making your tobacco a high tech ready. Sounds cool, right? Im not kidding guys, im talking about e-cigarrete. Electronic cigarette or

E cigaratte is a electrical device that allows to stimulate the act of tobacco smoking. Its not a toy guys, this thing works by using heat to vaporize a propylene glycol liquid solution into an aerosol mist. In return, it produces an inhaled mist bearing the physical sensation, appearance and flavor of the real cigarette. Now your tobacco is already high-tech, right?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To judge....

I realized its easy for other people to judge someone else but we get hurt whenever we are put in the same shoe. Its easy for them to comment and give hurtful statements without realizing that they need a mirror to see their own reflections. I hate people who are arrogant that they think they are greater from the other, i hate people who thinks they so well-off that they can buy the world. I hate people who thinks they are perfect. Yes, i admit we are entitled to our own opinions, they are entitled to their own opinions but make sure when you do so, you don't have garbages at your own home. The twists and turns of life are constant. Don't ever think that you'll stay at your comfort zone because in due time its hard to swallow your own words, and thats the most painful irony of life. For people you've hurt, i swear every words you've spoken and uttered leaves a scar at their heart and theres no way that it will erased. Time may tell but if that time comes, you'll surely regret the day you hurt us.

Still Hurting...

I wasn't able to go to work yesterday because my toenails was swollen and is hurting. I opt not to take risk in forcing my feet to walk because I'm afraid it might get worst. When i told my hubby about what happened to me, he was so worried that he wanted me to see a doctor at that time. I was telling him that I'm totally fine and that it just need some rest and medication. He was not contented and satisfied with my reasoning that he forced me to visit a hospital and have the medical doctor see himself the real condition. I didn't just reasoned out because i knew he was just worried that it might give something worst to us. I really appreciate how my honey is so sensitive and caring to me every time i met a sensible health issues. Anyway, i have no choice at all but to follow my honey's advice. Ill take a leave tomorrow and have my toenails checked. Sometimes, being vain is risky, agree girls?hehhehe

Monday, April 18, 2011

Car Shipping

Cars became a status symbol in the society. The social stigma about the ownership of such means something else. It stands for luxury and a well-off economical standing. Its no wonder that more and more people want to own their own vehicles. Nonetheless, to some having a car is more of convenience than for display purposes, its more of the comforts that this vehicles is giving to the owner. Speaking of cars, nowadays you will be amazed of the wide array of designs and models that are available in the market. In fact, more and more auto dealers are producing vehicles with stylish designs and more technology-advanced features. I have a friend who has a collections of fancy cars and he even got them from abroad. Im wondering if car shipping is expensive for cars bought outside of the country. But i believe its not impossible because car manufacturers open its doors for world wide customers. In fact, ive known several car shipping site that address your worries and hassles of transferring and shipping your new car, isnt it a great deal?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

AJ Perez is Dead

Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez or popularly known as AJ Perez, a kapamilya actor was pronounced dead at 12:20 am today. He met an accident at Paniqui Tarlac which caused him multiple head injuries. This happened on their way to Manila after a successful show at Dagupan where they were invited for the Bangus Festival.

For brief background, he was one of the male leads in hit teleserye, Sabel. He is also about to lead a Maalaala Mo Kaya series.

To everyone, who is deep mourned and saddened by the incident. Let us pray for his eternal repouse.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Be Grateful

Bo Sanches is never tired of telling us that always and almost we should be grateful for all the blessings that we have acquired each day. Even just the gift of life is enough reason to be happy, to be lively and to be inspired. Live each day as if its your last.

Weekend for me means...... my room, having my nails cleaned, movie marathon, and bonding with my nephews. I started my day by fixing my messy room and doing some household chores which i seldom does whenever i have work. I also arranged my bags, shoes and my wardrobe so that i could have a presentable room. Thank God i have done all those arrangements before lunch time. After which i asked someone to do the manicure and pedi stuff since in just few days we will be commemorating the Holy Week. I need to schedule the things i wanted to do before i cram on the day where i need it the most. Anyway, i have a great weekend, hopefully yours too.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Rape Victim Cried For Help

Just this month, a friend told me about a rape incident that happened to one of our fellow in the place. It happened to a young teenage housekeeper who was raped by 3 strangers which unfortunately, up until now the identity were still unclear. This young girl is a housekeeper to one of the new resident in our barangay. One time, she was asked by the owner of the house to buy something at the market. She more or less aged 15-17 years old, if im not mistaken. She left the house at about 6 pm in the evening for that errand. Unfortunately, she havent came back until the next day which the owner were a little bit worried though she was entertaining some thoughts that maybe she just went home to her mother's place. Apparently, as narrated by this young girl. She took a ride to this pedicab and with her are three men who was at first friendly to her. Then she just noticed the driver was taking her to the wrong direction which she ends up at the Accasia tree, a place where house distance is so far away. There, she was being raped countless times by these 3 men. Her mouth was being tapped while the two men hold both her arms. She was also being hurt by her raptors until she bled. I really felt so mad about how those evil men take advantage of this young girl. She was so helpless and left her naked after they took her virginity. After the incident, she was immedietly rushed to the hospital because of constant bleeding that she was experiencing and was confined for so many days. The sad thing, until this very day I dont have any idea of the development of the case or if the police force in town is damn interested in finding her perpetrators because of the girls economical status.

I am speaking and sharing in behalf of other girls and women too whom men thought are inferior in this society. I hate the social stigma that men can just imply force to the opposite gender because of the thought that they are twice as strong as women. I hate that the society and the government in particular has no concrete bill or law to protect the rights of the women and children, and if there is, why arent we properly protected?

Looking for Quotes?

They say i am hopelessly romantic. I dont know if ill be happy if they labelled that words to me or feel the other way because they think im a little bit a type who always daydream. Well, whatever they want to think for as long as im happy and i dont do anything bad, then its no big deal. Yesterday, while we were having a break, i kept on searching for great funny quotes. I wanted to put that quotes on my Facebook because i knew my friends would surely grab or comment to it. I realize that its best to read funny stories or entertaining quotes so as to inspired you or simply just to put a smile in your face. As they say, laughter is always teh best medicine, right?

Best Quotes about Love

Love is always on the air. Its not only during Valentines Day that we feel the love and be in love because everyday if we will only learn to keep our hearts open to everyone then theres no reason why we cant feel the love. Speaking of love, Are you in love? Or probably is just getting there. Whatever may your situation be, im sure you will agree with me that this feeling is the best feeling you could ever have in your life. Everyone would agree how love can change the best and worst in you. Only this feeling can make you feel like you're in heaven or can make you so worst. Well, that is love and life is love. Anyway, i remember a quote that says when you're in love, you can think of anything than the person dearest to you, you tend to be day dreaming, you smile often and you read great quotes about love, right? Well, then i have great news for you. You're really in love.

Page Rank 3

Isnt this a great reason to celebrate? I feel so happy when i learned that my site has a Page Rank 3. At least my efforts are being paid off. I realize that its nice to work hard and be paid off because its far rewarding. I hope i could maintain my site ranking and be assured that il strive to give informative and valuable posts for you.

Facebook Banners

Are you a social media magnet? Of course, who wound't be in this generation of technology, right? Everyone loves Facebook because we all want to get updates from our friends, check their latest photos, know their status and of course talk with them. In fact, according to some recent studies, there are individuals who cant sleep without checking their Facebook accounts. Well, we all love to do some page renovations, customization and other fun things to add and upload. Recently, ive found new discovery. You can also get a personalized banner with your Facebook image status on it. Sound cool, right. Its easy to get a Facebook Banners. You can let your friends find you at the easy and stylish way. Common get that here.

Fashion Accessories

Are you fond of collecting fashionable necklace, bracelets or even beautiful accessories? Then, don't you think its time to make your own? I do have a plethora of fashionable accessories with different styles, amazing colors and sometimes i think of making my own stuff. One time, i made a stylish necklace combine with great colors and beautifully crafted Trollbeads beads. It turned out to be my masterpiece because some of my friends like it and even asked to make one for them. I realized its easy to make your own stylish accessories especially if you have the passion and a heart for fashion. Next time around, ill try to get some more beads so that ill come up with more styles. Who knows this is just a beginning of my fashion career, right guys?


Everyone wants to look stunning, right? We love to look at our best and enjoys the admiration of the people around us. But who would feel overwhelmed and flattered if the people take a glimpse of you not because of your pretty face but because of your acne. Sounds frustrating, right? Yes, acne might be normal but having it the entire year will really frustrates you especially if you are always with your guy. My friend told me that we need to be extra careful and be hygienic all the time to prevent our face from having a cystic acne. We need to wash our face as often as needed and use mild soap or facial wash to get rid of the dirt that we are exposed of everyday. Acne can be dealt easily if only we are sensitive enough to our face needs and that personal caring and hygiene is our utmost concern. Well then, we must be to enjoy other people's attention.

On Number Plates

My old friend sent me an email a while ago about his vacation. He was inviting for an escapade somewhere at Samar area. I immediately agreed because i knew the place has beautiful beaches. In fact, I've been to most of the great tourist destination there. He is planning to come by next week so we are planning things out this early. Anyway, i remember that my brother is asking me a favor to visit LTO for his number plate. He wants to follow up if his plate is already available and ready for usage. Speaking of number plate, i never thought that you could customize your plate and choose from a wide array of style. My friend choose cherished number plates and he was really amazed of the outcome of his plates. If you want to avail one, visit the site quickly.

I'm Enjoying...

I love that i am pretty blessed with few tasks to work on. Thanks to the page rank updates. I hope things will continue to pour as i need to save few bucks for a project. It was a nice surprise to see a good page rank for this humble endeavor. I mean, its nice that you have reaped the fruit of your sweaty effort of maintaining the sites despite some lazy moments that i always encounter. Anyway, weekend is up again. I am planning to do some malling tomorrow and i hope i will not be lazy of going out. I still have few pending online tasks to do that will expire soon so i need to do the posting before its kinda late. I'm happy that i was productive on this week. Ciao guys.

Weight Loss

I remember how i was so down and feel ugly when i started enjoying eating more calories and carbohydrates than my usual intake. I started changing my wardrobe because none of my previous suits fits me at all. I began to consider taking diet pills but i was so hesitant because of the possible health dangers that i may suffer. I enrolled at a gym for quite sometime and hired a gym instructor so that i can deal with my obesity. Nonetheless, all those programs didn't helped me at all. In fact, i gained even extra pounds and more. I wish i have know earlier about hcg diet . Im sure my diet problem will be address earlier. But I'm happy that everything went back to normal. Im fit and i feel so healthy.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Surprise Visit?

My honey pie just called up a while ago and he kept on asking possible hotels near at my workplace. I was asking why he needs it, he just smiled and teased me. Well, I'm having a hint that he might come over for a surprise visit. Last night, he was asking too of my workloads and schedules but he never mentioned why he needs it. I dont know if intuitions are true but if it is, i believe he has a surprise plan. Hopefully. Hayst, love can really make the world go round..right?

SEO Consultant

Have you heard about an online marketing consultant? An online marketing consultant are the people who provide marketing plans and strategies for a particular clients to help sell a products or services. Theyre are useful especially if you wanted to boosts your sales and you want to hit certain targets. Jamie Bennet, an SEO Consultant is a well know internet marketing consultant. Just in case, you wanted to avail of her expertise then you she's just a click away. Don't risk your business in strategies that doesn't work. Try professional help and see for yourself how your business will grow.

Flooring Stuff

We all want a great looking home, right? Its no wonder that most of the home owners availed of tiling or other flooring products that will make their home presentable and great looking. I remember one time, we had a visit to one of our business partner's home and were invited for a dinner. Upon entrance to their home, i was astonished because it was really fantastic. They have great wall paintings, nice moldings and a glass tile at their floorings. I guess the renovations alone made a hole at their pocket but it was all worth it.

Speaking of Tile Floor, i saw at hardware stores how great and sturdy this kind of flooring, aren't they? and there are plethora of tiles with great styles and colors. Its a worth add on to your floor especially if you are thinking of renovating your house. What do you think?

Call Divert

Hows your day going guys? I do hope that you are doing great guys. As for me, i was kinda busy with work and some other online tasks. By next week, i have few things to do and also this coming weekend. Before the Holy week, im planning to visit the parlor for some hair treatment and hopefully it will went out great. Had to schedule it where i am free from work. We haven't had plan yet for this Lenten season except for some beach activity for the Easter Sunday.

Anyway, i was planning to share some not so good experience last night when my hubby called up. He was mad at me because according to him a man answered my phone when he called up the other night. I was kinda confused what he was talking about because i haven't received any call at that time. I asked my friend if diverting to other users, is possible and she said she had similar experience? Do you experienced same too?

Worth to Mention...

In few days, we will have our long vacation because of the Lenten Season. Im looking forward from this break because im free from work hassles. Nevertheless, i also look forward for a family bonding and other fun stuff that we can do during this break. Any vacations for you guys?

Anyway, i had a fruitful week. I did had few tasks that i managed to work the other day. Thanks to the site that showered me paid to review works. At least, my plan to save this year will materialize soon. Im planning to focus too on my blog and boosts its page ranking. Ive heard of worth to mention ppc services that im planning to avail. Ill try to check it later.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Tuesday

I had been waiting for my hubby's call since yesterday because i terribly missed him already. He called up last night but i was asleep already, i had a busy and stressful day yesterday. Today, just before ill eat my lunch he managed to called up. I was really glad he did because i cant help myself from thinking about him. He told me that he had shifted his business transaction from the Japanese supplier to the Korean supplier because of the Economical situation in Japan. Good thing my hubby had settled it at this early. Well, i had a great day already. How about you guys?

Monday, April 11, 2011

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Making Time for Timepieces

Everyone who has a passion for fashion has, at one point or another, noticed how a watch can help make an outfit work better. Aside from acting as an accessory to a could-have-been so-so ensemble, it also tells you if it’s time to touch up, both literally and figuratively. Both form and function are served well by the watch you wear on your wrist.

In fact, the wristwatch has gone through its own evolution in terms of its role in the world of fashion. Just as jeans have gone from flared to straight to slim then back, watches have also undergone a lot of change. About three decades ago, disposable watches that screamed juvenile pop became all the rave, giving companies like Swatch the time to shine.


Then, elegance had to find its way back in the front row, and watches with slim straps came just in time to match the equally slim straps of every girl’s shoes. Later, the androgynous era came to be and, just as boyfriend jeans and boyfriend blazers became all the rave, boyfriend watches joined the bandwagon.


Piaget watch for men worn by Rihanna

Still, nobody can get enough of the burst of color that arguably overpriced, fad-inspired watches like TechnoMarine offered.


Yes, timepieces have never left the scene, quietly making a difference and taking their time. Do not be surprised if the fashion value of your attire is judged based on what wristwatch you are sporting – it can happen. After all, the watch you wear around your wrist can speak volumes about your personality, just as your clothes do.
Many would argue that the only wise timepiece to buy is one which you can claim is a true investment. This means that a lot of people believe in expensive but timeless watch brands, such as Rolex or Patek Philippe. But in reality, not everyone can afford these watches. And even less expensive watches can be worth your time, if you know just how to choose the right one for you.


Patek Philippe

If you haven’t chosen the perfect watch yet, give it time. One day, you shall find the timepiece that speaks to you, that seems to make time stand still for you – or at least, it shall tell you what time it is while making you feel that you’re wearing so much more than just a fashion accessory. In the end, time will tell if what you have is a mere timepiece... or a true masterpiece.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

What a Woman Loves

Sapient and Satient - that is a woman. She is loved, she is cared, she is down sometimes yet smiles even at her weakest. No one can ever described what a woman is and what a woman can do for her loved ones. I was once talking to a dear friend and while we are having a great conversation, i was like doing a retouch since we're about to leave after a busy day. She then smiled and quoted " a woman indeed". I smiled back and continue what i was doing. Indeed, vanity is always the bestfriend of every woman. We love making ourself presentable and good looking to the eyes of everyone, and who wouldnt, right? In fact, a woman could spent a good amount for her beauty stuff and other personal needs. Nonetheless, a woman can also be a superwoman if the situation needs it, she would do everything, accepts even the dirtiest job just to meet both ends, she would struggle and survives in most of her battles in life. Thats how resilient a woman is, thats how strong we are and thats a real woman.

But no matter how busy or how hard life may seems to be to every girl, mind you she wouldnt forget her personal beauty regime, right girls? In fact, i cant sleep without washing my face, putting a toner and applying for a cream whenever i go to work. It isnt because i wanted to become the most beautiful girl in the place but rather i wanted to make myself presentable and be respected. Yes, beauty and respect comes together. When people look at you as neat and good looking, they would appreciate your hygiene stuff and gets respect. That's the single step for personal empowerment. Anyway, speaking of beauty stuff, i just spent maybe a generous amount for all of my beauty and personal hygiene products. But i have no regrets at all, thats why im working to buy all those things. And on my next salary i am planning to buy a personalized tote bags because my office bag is quite out of style already. Maybe i would also buy my niece a nice pair of shoes or a school bag, ive seen a plethora of kids backpacks at the mall the other day, i might buy one of those great style backpack. Well, i coudnt help myself from being an impulse buyer. I wish i could coz i still have lots of things to be prioritized this year. Part of my plans is to do some renovations and have a garden at home, i wish i could do something to beautify our lawn like what ive seen at an online site the other day and avail of dallas lawn care. They have the best men in landscaping and everything about yard maintenance. Well i have so many thoughts today. Hope one could materialize one day.

My Busy Saturday

The reason why i havent updated my blog last saturday was because yours truly was super busy. First off, i had to visit my doctor because of my urninary tract infection after which i picked up my grocery then buy some personal things. I asked my friend to go with me because i was a bit afraid in going to my doctor alone. Thanks to my ever loving and sweet boyfriend who was kinda mad at me already for the UTI thing but managed to settle everything to clear up things. The medicine alone make a hole in my pocket but as my hubby told me, whats important is my health and that i would manage to be healthy at all times. Its really nice to feel secured and loved by someone who had accepted the entirety of you. The night before my doctors appointment, he called up so many times to assured me that he is there for me. We availed the high dosage med so that i would be treated the soonest. I was never expecting that i can possibly avail of all of those because of limited budget but he offered all those necessary health procedures that should be done. I mean, not all boyfriends are considerate and sensitive enough. But he is the type who would really do everything to make things rights. I really wish he could schedule his visit as early as this year, hopefully. He is excited to meet my family and so as my family too.

To my dearest hubby, thank you for everything youve done for me and will be doing for me. I knew i have said it a lot of times but i would never get tired of telling you that i would always be here for you. I would take good care of you. Ill fight for you in the same way as youve fight for me. Ill be proud of you in the same way as you tell youre friends and family about me and about us. Thank you for making me feel special all the time, for making me feel like i am never alone especially during the times that im down. Thank you for making the world wonderful for me. Like ive said last night, i wish youre here when i was so afraid of the syringe, when i was so down, when im so tired, when i felt unspecial, when people are just so cruel. But then as you've said, even though youre not here physically but your heart and mind is always on me, about me and for me. That was the most touching line far better than Julia Roberts line at Notting Hill. wink*

Friday, April 8, 2011

Business Ventures

My hubby just called up to scold me but i am never bitter on him. As he said sometimes i need to be reminded often so that i would be matured enough to be responsible. He told me few days ago to see a doctor for my urinary infection but i just took his advice for granted. This morning i texted him that i had a mild fever last night, he immediately called up and interrogates me for an hour. Nonetheless, i am happy of the fact that someone across the globe is concerned about me. Isn't it a happy feeling, right guys?

Anyway, just a while ago we were talking about possible business ventures that he might undertake in the country. I couldn't think of a good business nowadays because i don't have an idea what is in trend aside from the latest fashion accessories. But if ever we will venture in the field of business someday, Im sure we will need logo design ideas for our products. At least i have an idea how to stand out because of this marketing strategy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm not Special, I'm Just Limited Edition

Gone are the days where i spent the whole night in regrets. Couldn't forget those sleepless nights where i spent the waking hours in vain. I remember a good friend who kept on telling me to stop messing and instead be brave enough to accept the reality that really sometimes LOVE hurts. Its indeed painful, no amount of words can describe how i was so broke at that time. But that were all in past. Now, they're just a simple reminder that you cant be sure of the people you love and that no matter how we love them, we cant force them to love us back the way we wanted them to be. Years has passed before i found a man that i can completely say, "there he is and hes mine". But it wasn't easy all along to finally entertain the past thoughts with a smile. But really after some great realization, i have finally learned that a great man needs not to be your ideal man sometimes the least man you could ever imagined is the one person who would gives you your ultimate happiness. Thats how my hubby is and thats how I'm a limited edition to him.

He's Worried

I was confined before for urinary tract infection and mind you it was the worst times of my life. IN time of my birthday and just in time where i had so many works to do. After that incident, i become picky of the food i eat and i usually drink lots of water. In fact, i resort on not drinking soft drinks anymore as i can observed that whenever i do drink a lot, i cant observed a sudden change of color in my urine. Anyway, i had an attack of it also last year which was a bit terrible too. I stayed in my room for two weeks and had a mild fever. I cant eat because i don't like the smell and my appetite seems so down. Just this week, i noticed that i am having difficulty in urinating and i immediately took some med but up to this day i just couldn't help but worry cos it might took me few days before i can recover. When my hubby called up las night and learned about it, he scolded for not taking it seriously. He advised me to see a doctor and drink plenty of apple juice, am not familiar either with that but just agreed on whatever he says to end the argument. Sometimes it feels great having someone to talk to, to confine to, to ask to and to share your ups and downs everyday. But I'm a less worrier now because i knew my hubby is there to support me and to love me even at my weakest.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boosts Your Sales

Having a hard time hitting your sales quota? Well, its so easy to do it. Its hassle free plus youll be guaranteed of a good result. Why don't you try to do some e-mail marketing? Im sure it will work for your product. I have known a friend and he tried this strategy and good thing he was able to hit his quota. When i was still a marketing specialist, i experimented different strategy just to boosts my sales and sometimes those strategies doesn't works for me, now i realized i should be more creative and innovative. Thanks to a friend who recommends me to this idea.

I'm just Thankful...

Everyday i always make it a point to share my everyday stuffs and the things i went through. Well, i wouldn't get tired of expressing my thanks to My God for all the blessings and guidance he has given me always. I am blessed to have a great work, a supportive partner, a great family and of course a wonderful friends. Speaking of family, we are planning a beach party this coming holy week. Its a big celebration for us since it will be an all in one birthday celebration. My father will be celebrating his birthday on the 28th while my sister will have it in the 24th. My brother just celebrated his birthday yesterday. I am so excited because my brother will be going home again and its going to be a week long affair. Well, life has its ups and downs. At one point, you'll feel greater but a day will come that you'll feel so down. I believe that God has its best way and perfect moment to give us our dreams and wishes. Its nice to stay humble all the time because at God's best time you'll realize that you're sacrifices will be all worth it.

Last night, my hubby and I we're talking about the possible chance where he could have his vacation.He has made it last year but this year is a bit not sure because of the so many things that he has to settle. This time i promise to bring him to my place because before i was not yet ready for the whole world to see him and us. But this time i decided to let him visit my place. From the start i never tell anyone about our plans and everything in between but now that everything is settled, its time that i make my own announcement. My hubby is even jesting that my family might not like him but now i knew he has a different thought about it already. Lets see if he can come over this year, and if he can, ill be the happiest person in the world. At some point, i realized that i made the right decision. This is it.

Internet Savvy

We are all hooked in internet surfing and anything we love to do in the internet. As for me, i love browsing for news, blogging, surfing just anything that interests me and of course online shopping. My friend once quote that the net is just about everything you need. If you dont know how to, then the net answers everything. Thats how marvelous the internet is. In fact, i laughed with the joke tat "Google" is now a verb and it is really. You can find variety of interesting things to do in the net, not just reading or browsing for latest updates from your idols but ultimately anything you want to know. You can just search it in different search engines. Well, speaking of search engines, have you heard of ppc search marketing ? My friend told me to use this search engine because its offers wider coverage. I wanted to try this. Lets see.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Child Exploitations and Media Child Abuse

I am an advocate of Children Rights because i certainly believe that a child cant fight his rights and the best people to protect them are the people who value their importance and role in the society. I condemn people who takes advantage of our children for their personal gain. I hate to admit the fact that sometimes people used these innocent kids to easily captures peoples attention like what happened at Willing Willie. Jan Jan, the contestant is a portrayal of a poor child who would do everything to have money. And its basically wrong or tolerate people who at his consent used Jan Jan JUST to give them a good rating. Instead if Willie adheres or respect to the child's rights should have let him dance for that matter or do the things that will make people laugh, condone the child and worst would traumatize the child.

Please sign the petition below if you wanted to make a difference:

Please repost and share to your friends:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Discover the Newest Way to Earn

Earning online is by way the most sought after means to earn instant money in the net. Dont worry i have also my fair share. Way back, when i was still establishing my blog. I promised to myself to really make all ways to earn from this avenue and later, i just did. I tried some ways to earn money online, and i was successful in some way. But lately, i just have a new discovery that makes me so glad that i learned from it. The last time i posted about my dashboard of my income from one of the paying site. That was actually from here and as of today, i just made $130.95. Its really a blessing to me knowing that i learned that technique which means that even if i dont maintain page rank and traffic from the site, i will really earn. Hope i can supply your list of money making sites.

His way...

God never fails to surprise me. Today i was surprised by an unexpected visit of someone in the past. I was really so surprised that i was speechless, anyway he stayed for about an hour because he needs to catch the last flight today. Sometimes i tend to believe that we just have to wait for the right time and the right moment for our dreams to happen. I believe, this is my lucky year, i felt God poured blessings everyday that he always makes me feel so special. You know, there was a time in the past that i felt so down that i questioned Gods plan for me but indeed at the right time, all of those moments will come out its meaning, right then you realize - you did the best thing. Well then, we just need to believe and have faith on our dreams.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

For Her Son

I just arrived now, i came from the nearest money sending company to send a little help for my honey pie's housekeeper. Her child is suffering from a respiratory problem and my partner asked a favor for her. Last night, when he called up we talked about her a lot, about her child and about her situation. In fact, it caused us a little fight by which we managed to settle in the end. I have a soft heart for people who needs help but sometimes when i think its a little abusive then i think a couple of times. I never questioned my partner for all the things he does and he did, i dont meddle in whateved he does and the people he helped because i knew he is happy of what he is doing. But sometimes like last night, i felt that his goodness is being abused because those people think that he is the answer to their prayers that almost everything they want will be shouldered by him. He knew that i always supports him in everything that he does and i will never questioned his decision but he also knew that i am a sensitive type of person that whenever i felt something is wrong, i always tell him. I hope really that whatever little help that he is doing will all be worth it. As he said, he choose to settle here because he loves the people in the country and he loves the attitude and cultural upbringing. I do hope that it will remain as is as time passed by.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Weekend

Any plan for Saturday? Well im excited because tomorrow is a rest day again and we are planning for a hang out tomorrow with my dear friend. How was your day going guys? I hope you did had a great day... I am really thinking to clean my room tomorrow, hopefully i can do it with all the things i am planning tomorrow,hehehhe. Anyway, its time for me to go.