Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Something To Cherish

I was having some notes writing as to what to write on this portal. i knew, you can observed too that the site is over crowded with links and paid posts. Well, who am i to reject molah? Of course, i am tempted to accept any writings for as long as i am compensated for it (wink*). Anyway, tonight i am blessed to have a bright post idea for this portal. I remember taking some photos of the collections i kept few years. The start was this was when our next room from our office was rented by this lady who is into buy and sell business. She would buy home merchandise from abroad and sell it here with a nice profit. On her first venture, i was not most likely interested in getting somethings since i am just living alone but after two years, i got myself interested in investing on some home collectible items. So here's the first one:


Its actually made up of crystal clear appearance. Its glossy and its indeed an eye catchy decoratice. At that time, i was doing some carpentry work for a mini bar somewhere at the kitchen, so i am scouting for a wine holder and some piece of decorative. Im glad, the owner asked me to get five of this set in a lay away plan. Its quite pricey, as already expected but then i realised its a good investment. So, along with a wine holder and this crystal like fruit decorative, my mini wine area was finally materialised.Funny, but most of my friends love this pieces and they were asking where i was able to buy it. As they say, great items comes at some rare days.