Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Encounter

it was a fine wednesday morning, typical office works, reports and inventories are top priorities plus a list of to do list in my computer..I was about to take my lunch when one of my merchandicer approach my table, she looked haggard, she looked so pale and stressed, actually she was been absent for almost a week because of serious medical conditions, i asked her how she was now, she replied to me with "im fine", i eventually asked her when she would go back to work, the she didnt reply,,i asked her to sit infront of my table and tell me whats took her quite a few minutes to open up whats bothering her, then she asked for permission if she can call on my phone and i said yes..After she called, she returned to my table and with hesitations she started a very serious conversation. At first it was so difficult for her to open up her dillemma but i guess becuase she wanted to ease the pain, she started to release the pains and crosses of her life, she belong to a broken family and has 10 siblings, she was not raised into a typical home because since she was young her mom decided to put her together with her younger sisters at the dswd, she grew up with pains and anger towards her mom because of the abandonement, at an early age of 5 she would decide to sell banana cue and ice candy just to give her other siblings candy's and toys, at the age of 13 she was a very responsible teenager, she decided to leave her home (dswd) and managed to lived her own, she worked at a store and earn 100 pesos a day, so little even for her food and rent, so at night she would sell barbecue just to meet both ends.
She didnt stop and lose hope in all the crosses she faced, she knew how cruel the world for her but then she didnt stop her fight, she was a very positive person, with her little earnings, she even managed to bring her othe siblings to school, but then lately her world began to stop when her younger sis confess that their older brother raped her two younger sisters, she didnt knew how she would swallow the news, and worst shes starting to give up, she was telling me, her experiences made her so strong, a brave woman but then now she still in doubt if she can make it..a battle between what she thinks is right against a thought of keeping the family intact, safeguarding her family's integrity. She once asked me if God really exist and i said why, her reply made me cry, she said in a lowered voice, "because HE didnt care for me",,My god, i said to her, pls dont say like that, i knew how hard it was for her, so difficult really, but i want her to pray..and trust Him, but her agony is so endless,,
Right now, shes contacted the police station to report the incident and she already bring her sisters to the health station for the medical check up and they found that it was positive, by the way her sisters ages 2 years old and 11 years old, respectively. She has received threats already and i offer her to report it to the authority, she's into worry because her sisters would not be able to go to school because she was absent for quite a few days and she will received no pay at the pay day..
I still look forward that everything will be fine for her, tonight il pray for a continued strength to be bestowed on her, I may never knew His wisdom but i completely trust on His will.