Friday, January 11, 2008

quite boring

im quite bored now,,,but i have lots of things to share,,first i went to the hospital to accompany my office mate to have his wound was really a breathtaking experience coz i really hate to see blood.hehhe,but im so thankful, it went fine.

second, ive met a cute guy if if,,it was surprising,right?hehehe,but hes quite yummy and it seems he smells good...hahahha.

ill let you know tomorrow..what happened

fyi: he has a car (hahahha)

i even took a picture of his car,here it is

what a day

this is taken from our bording house, with me is my very good friend,ate joy. This is where i stayed almost everyday at ormoc, this is my home.

just a thought..

ive met this guy thru a commmon friend, and since then we were already texting almost everyday,checking each other lives,,he would oftentimes text me and check my whereabouts no matter how busy he is, knowing the nature of his work,,its really quite amazing how he finds time to know if i already eat or to check if im at home already.Almost every night, we cant hardly sleep early because we find ourselves texting even its almost 1 in the morning, but the following day he would call me to wake me up because he knew that i would be late if he would not do the effort..hehehe
And for almost a month of getting to know him, i find it surprising how in this world ive met him.He's one of a kind,,he wanted to stay in the house, just to read and spends time with his family unlike other guys who finds it really nice at bars and disco house.
Of course, im open to the possibility of him having a special woman, nevertheless it wouldnt change the fact that once in my life, he awakens me from a midnight blues..wherever our paths leads us.he would still be a fullfiilment of my ideal man.

so sad

thu it sounds like the sun shines early today, but my day seems not that good, i received a text from my brother that my lola is in the hospital, i feel really sad coz i didnt go home for almost 2 weeks and since i was so busy at work, i forgot even to ask my lola how she was...i knew that because of her age, she can feel a lot of complications on her body but with God's help, i am really praying that she will be well.
Last night, we were texting with my friend Dave, my bestfriend since my college days, he is inviting me for a dinner this saturday..and im so excited of that,,because i already missed his company..David is really a good freind,hes close to the family and he doesnt miss especial occasions with us.My birthday, new year and even just family gatherings.Our bondings made our friendship strong.And honestly, hes one of the few special men in my life whom i treasured the most. Thru thick and thin hes with me..and im really so thankful of that.