Saturday, May 8, 2010


I was about to put this meme last night but i forgot it, it was about WILLIE and his dramas today, i really coudnt help but feel s*** about how he put pressures on the management on his network on their alleged misunderstanding with the journalist. Its not that i hate this man, its just that i hate his attitude towards this incident, to the point that he will put bargains between them, isnt it so boastful to put the network in between walls, as he quotes, he will resigned from his show, if th latter will not terminate the contract of the journalist. I dont know this journalist either nor i am for him, i just hate the attitude that was shown, coz they are public figure, they should be the role model, he as the leader of the noontime show should always puts his feet always in the gorund and instead be thankful for all the blessings he is receiving. But its not what is happening, he is always very showy and that he wanted to show that he is that wealthy, i hate arrogance ad mush as i dont tolerate people stepping on someones shoes just to prove to the world that they are powerful. I hope the network will also discipline their employee if truelly they wanted to protect there identity as the leading network who always brings goodness to their viewers. THis is leadership by example.


Despite the bills that will flourish tomorrow and some even tonight, is your vote for sale? i knew this is a tough question but it is also a life changing decision coz if you choose the other then its like saying you expect a dirty government and worst bureacracy to come. BUt if youll start that change today then for sure there will be a bright future ahead of us and more positove government for our children. I knew being financially crippled temt us to accept these offers but isnt it great feeling to wake up one morning having a clean conscience and we have the chance to vote for the one person we believe that will give the difference rather than goung to the precinct and recalling how much this candidate gave us and we have no choice at all but to write his name because our vote was already sold, so as the government and our childrens future. Thus if you ahve accepted those envelopes and then regret at the end because these politicians did not do for the betterment of our place but has just mind his own business and busy how he will managed his wealth. BUT if we will start the CHANGE and refuse to let our sacred votes to be sold, then one day when that person assumed into office and he did not do well in terms of the service for his constituents, then i am the first one to advice you to knock at his office, and tell him that you regret giving your one sole vote, that alone will make the DIFFERENCE.