Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is there a Hope for Breast Cancer Patient?

Cancer is a word one doesnt want to hear either. In fact, if you will ask a patient what is deadliest disease in this world. Im sure this illness is on top of the list. Although, there are case studies and researches every now and then to finally evolve with the cure but the sad news up until now, there is still no medication for any cancer disease. What is available today are injectables that will just lessen its effects to the body. Sadly, cancer has penetrated the entire world. It already kills milions of lives regardless of the social status. As a woman, i often wondered if im doing a healthy lifestyle because i also fear for my life and for possible affection of this disease on my body. They say that breast cancer is the ultimate killer for woman. I have personal encounters where their respective breasts were taken away just to get rid of possible spread of bacteria in the body. The chemotherapy is a very stressful process, aside from the fact that its very costly, the effect to the patient is also very risky. The first time i saw a friend who is now bald because of this medical procedure, i was teary-eyed because i cant help but feel pity to her. But of course, for a family who hope for survival, its not important how does it cost or how long does it takes. the only light that gives them the reason to smile is their hope that one day, their loved one will recover and picked up those little pieces that has once broke the hope and faith in them.

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I hate to go to the city but because i was not able to get money from the our place, i have no choice but to visit my bank. Good thing i did coz we met with an old friend and bond at the mall while we are reminscing great days. I super need a massage or a spa but i knew i still have few things to prioritize. Ive spending too much lately and i knew i made a hole in my hubby's pocket already. He is not complaining but i dont want him to think of other things coz in the very first place, we are attached with each other not for anything else but because of love and trust. Also, i am not dependent on him because i have a work and i have other earnings too. Although, he always make it a point to send every week for some unexpected expenses but really i dont know how to manage my finances. I spend left and right as if theres no tomorrow. Its one thing that i want to work out because he does not just pick the money on the street. He works so hard and i can attest how he choose to stay in wee hours so that he will be prepared when he moved in. Just a few months ago, he lets me talk to the lawyer he hired at Cebu and fix the other matters he indulge in including the girl he is helping out there. The feeling is great especially the day i met them. She was very approachable and the kid is also as bubbly as her mother. I realize that i am blessed to be the woman behind the generous man. For now, i simply cant thank God enough for making my life a great journey.