Friday, February 5, 2010


BRAVO!, cheers to the cast and productions crews and staff and of course to the management of ABS - CBN for the great success and excellent ending of May Bukas Pa, i knew a lot of bloggers will have great reviews on this said primetime series, but i really cant help it but blog about this thing. The teleserye is one of the few series in the television that had excellent moral adhersity to its viewing public. I want to commend the people behind this series to come up with this television remake, truelly inspiring. Aside from that, its a wake up call and for everyone of us, as we reflect our faith and our relationship to HIM. I am truelly blessed for having the chance to be an avid fan of SANTINO and his journey. I am also thankful that this series truelly contributed moral and spiritual guidance to every households.

What IF?

If things maybe not right then now? when it the right time? and if you did had the chance to make proper choices, would you choose the right thing, when the right thing is being friends and did not start as lovers? Maybe our paths crossed because we do have lessons to be earned, its just sad that we have to know it the hard way. And now we do realized things and we were sorry for starting things wrong, but are there really exact standards to follow as to when and who to fall in love with? Why is it very predominant in the game of love to have more mistakes than happy endings? Is it because theres really no rules in love? or is it because we just dont have the heart and true meaning of what really love is?
If love is about pain, then i guess i would be willing to earn the suffering and if love is about happiness, then much more that i wanted to enjoy the feeling of being other centered and forgetting one's selfs. But what if love is about both? taking pains to finally get a sought after happy endings. And if happy endings are really worth it then i would be very glad to be hurt for you if ending up with you is the ultimate price.

Still Missed U

I will be hypocrite if ill say that i was over him, i missed him really, so much. I missed his voice, i missed the thought of looking forward to chat with him, somehow its really not that easy, i wish it is. I realized it was best if we started as friends and did not cross the borders, but what if we started as lovers and eventually try to redo things and start as being friends, is it possible? perhaps it is, but how could i control myself from feeling the same way as i did before, should i redo my feelings too and start from something as if he was a stranger and pretend i dont know him or worst pretend that he was not special. Wish i could do that, and forget him that easy, wish i could just vanished the thought that he is a great man and that every woman is lucky to have him, wish i didnt fall in love with him and just view things as like a normal game like what they usually do at the net, but at the end of the day, i guess i have made the best choice, of just being true, of loving someone i dont know. Perhaps its one of the most stupid things ive ever done in my life, but at least i did had this chance of realizing things in a better perspective. At least..., the only fault i knew was falling in love with him, if this is a crime or if this wrong, im willing to suffer the consequence.