Monday, March 1, 2010

Thought and Thoughts

Why do we have terrifying thoughts sometimes? is it the result of over-fatigue, lack of faith? maybe yes and maybe not, my friend once told me that if u dont want to think of the problem then let the problem think of u, hahahha, funny but its true, the more we think of our dilemma, the more that it will bring us fears and anxiety, it even caused us nervous breakdown and worst heart attack.
Well, im just having some thoughts lately, about why and why i havent been in a good relationship? i mean its not that im desperate enough, not that..its just that i have already the doubt whether theres something wrong in me, or if not me, in them? how ironic but i like to admit that i am really in love with the idea of falling in love but the idea doesnt not fall in love with me.I was thinkin that if ever i will find the right man, i will really takes good care of him, to the point that even if he realized that he doesnt wants me anymore at least theres no regret in my side, at least ive fall in love, at least i have shown to him how wonderful i am, at least i have given him my best, at least i knew how to love...coz even to if im the least person he may ever known, at least i was the woman who have loved him like he ws never loved before, that made any difference.