Wednesday, December 14, 2011

PopCorn Made Easy


Just an hour ago, we were at the nearest mall with a friend to just roam around. My office mate is looking for a footwear for her dearly beloved daughter while me on the other hand is scouting for possible gift finds for all of my godchildren.Indeed, its never easy to scout for dresses or any other stuff that you find adorable for your respective gift recipients. I swear, my head is aching transferring from one section to the other, checking out other colors and brands. Truly, gift giving is something that is not a thing for people who dont have the patience in shopping for affordable finds.

Anyway, we happened to check out at the Movie world to see the latest movie in queue. My friend was tellng me to watch movie but then since we were lacking out of time, we just agreed on other time but we never fail to get a popcorn to make our chitchats fun and lively. Speaking of popcon, i can say that i am a self confessed popcorn addict. There was some point where i could just ask someone to buy me a popcorn at the mall and spend the rest of the day at home having movie marathon and watch while enjoying the yummy taste of this tiny bits of corn. I often wished i could have the same taste of popcorn at home when i resort to buying the raw one. Unfortunately, we dont have popcorn machines to come up with the same palatable taste like the movie theater popcorn. But of course, the microwave means of doing the popcorn thing is also delicious. Anyway, if you are thinking of a good investment this year then why dont you take some time to consider getting a popcorn machine and get a nice place infront of the school building of near the chucrh or even at the market. Im sure its going to be a good idea.You dont need to worry where to get the popcorn machines, popcorn supplies and even machine carts because there are sites that offer a retail and even wholesale of said merchandise. Well, its up to you to start your path to millions.

Blessed Day

I will start about the dozens of online tasks ive received and i was glad to have had opened my mail and found those reserved tasks for me. Apart from that, i still have pending advertisers review at other paying sites. Its indeed a great day. But my i am most happy with the news from the hubby before i head on to work and it really warms my heart. My Christmas budget is already ready and im planning to have my shopping this weekend. My partner is over kind and generous this days and i cant help but feel glad and overwhelmed. Hayts, i have so many things to be thankful. Oops, its pay day tomorrow and the bonuses are on its way. For now, ill continue what im doing and ciao guys.