Friday, May 7, 2010


IT was not only the streamers, ribbons, leaflets nor ballpens that has clicked the campaign period nowadays, but bracelets too and even the our favorite colors says something else. THat is why the endorsers are more careful in chooisng their clothesm the colors and even more careful the way they positioned their fingers coz it might says somethin else, how funny but only these ELECTION i have encountered lots of personal black propaganda, immature campaigns and lots of below the belt propaganda. OF course, filipinos are not that matured but there are also extents that people says "ITS TOO MUCH" like for instance the latest balck propaganda for NOYNOY AQUINO, which qesutioned his mental health, it really didnt clicked and even fall back for the party who initiated those malicious news. Nevertheless, it has also taught a lot of things to the voters, to be more vgilant to the candidates, and that at the end of the day it will help in chosing for the right man in the position.
WEll. whatever color we are to, lets al walk out from our shelter and exerciseour right for sufrage, coz its only i this moment we will contribute to our society a change, that afte all, WE ARE WAITING FOR.


Out of Nowhere i was tempted to text my ex after a few months of hiatus and really zero communiations. The first time my text was sent, it was like my heart was beating so fast, like i was really there in front of him, but after a while my excitement vanished, not for anything else but for one sad realization - he was still the man ive left 129 days ago, same persona, same man who have broke my prescious heart. I realized i am just so lucky with all the present things ive had and more importantly im thankful he was just a memory and now i swear will just be a memory. The hurts are all gone, i have moved on already but this past few nights i want to make sure im at the right path and have never left my heart from someone else, Maybe i regret having the chance to speak with him now but its not the regret that dominates, its more of the WAT IF? what if i did do that? wil i be forever hooked by his memories? THanks i did it, i have proven one important lesson that i knew will be embedded forever in m y heart, as my friend quote " remembering what he has to u, are u stil willing to keep him?" i may be naive sometimes but having the decision of being with someone who will always puts you down, tore my heart. I he's not for forever, why will i waste my time with someone i allowed my life to be wasted for 3 years? Isnt it TOOOOOOOOOOO much?
BUT if GOD just allowed these heartaches and pains for me to be with the road of the man HE allowed me to be part of, THEN ITS A FAIR BARGAIN.


Just an our ago SC released its decisions regarding possible postponement of the May10 National Elections. According to the higher court THe COMELEC is ready for all possible problems will be enocuntered by the PCOS machine and that all contingency plans are all set. Just last tuesday, the testing encountered several problems interms of counting of votes particularly in the local level, but after all the flash cards being configured, the body was confident to announced that they have already set remedies for the said problem and that any problems that will arise will in the day of the elections are in control. Lets just cross our finger that al will end up fine.