Friday, October 29, 2010

The Sounds of the Rain

No matter how much we love sunshine but then there must be a rain to water the plants and to water dry lands. The sun and the gloomy skies are all helpful in these world of ours. Its also an indication that our life needs a balanced element so as to make order in nature and in life as well. We may need happiness because we all want to crave for it but sorrown as pain are vital too to make us a strong individual. These days when im at home, and had time bonding with me bed and pillows, i cant help but reminisce and no matter how i loved going out, i opt not because of the heavy rain and the cold wind that as if says "better sleep". As the rain drops slowly at our roof, i remember my childhood years, when i am always looking forward of the rain so as to enjoy its pours. Today i cant remember even the last time it rains, the last time i felt it. Coz i always look forward of the sunshine and the comfort it brings but as i slept in my bed looking at the ceiling, i realized, i should learn to love the rain too coz like now i may not enjoy the serenity of silence and the comforts of our homw if not of it pours. We mau hate it whenever it comes but as always, its tiny drops meansa lot to others. Like this journey of ours, we may not know HIS plans for us but always trust in HIS will, coz HIS wisdom is better than of us.