Friday, September 16, 2011

Its My Birthday!!!

The most awaited day of the year comes with fireworks. Like anyone else, this is so much special especially that i feel the loved of everyone else in my circle of friends and family. My hubby is so sweet coz he was one who first greeted me and sang me his own version of Happy Birthday (hahaha). Instead of preparing a little celebration today, i decided to have it tomorrow because most of my family members have worked and school stuff to attend to.In few minutes, ill be leaving to the nearest town to buy some stuff for tomorrow. I am scouting for the best cake in town coz my hubby wants it to be the way he wished. I am thankful for my friends and my not so good friends for the attention and love. This is the best birthday i have ever have because i am with someone so special. The space in here may not be enough to thank him for all the things he has done on my life. For standing for me especially during trials and shortcomings and for uplifting my spirit whenever i am down and confused. Indeed, life offers a millions of opportunies and chances in our life and when you get the best things in life, its just like winning a lottery everyday.

Well, a very happy birthday to me and hopefully my God will continue to bless me and my family a hundredfold.