Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NYC Liquid Lip Shine Review

I am not into lip shine products because i feel the natural shine of my lips just looks better. I am more in putting lip balm first or anything as base protection before putting my lipstick. My former board mate taught me this daily routine. Since not all lips are compatible to any lip care products so i make sure that i have a base protection before putting any lip products.

Then, recently a good friend came over from abroad. She offered for a met up and that day, i was surprised for she handed me few beauty loots.She was also the one who sent me a package on my 25th birthday and a  make up kit complete with all beauty stuff are in one palette. That was really amazing since i don't bring with me few beauty stuff and the kit alone can transform you beautifully.

Going back, i decided to try this liquid lip shine product from NYC and since i am using a pink lipstick nowadays it really looks great when combines with this lip shine.

 photo Photo-0387_zpsf31fa536.jpg
NYC Liquid Lip Shine
I've thought this product is just one of the many lip shine products that is good only after few minutes of application. What i don't like about cheap lip shine products is it's sticky component. It's like it sticks on your lips and i feel so greasy. But then, NYC proves differently. When applied, it will combine with your lipstick color and radiates perfectly. It's also non greasy and just looks natural.

 photo Photo-0403_zpsdef4b9b9.jpg

Over all: It will gives you a beautifully shine lips.