Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Thoughts

I woke up early today because the honey called up early morning. He was still at work but i told him to go home early so without much argument, i find him calling me an hour ago saying that he's on his way home. Just about were done talking, i finally found myself scared while shaking tremendously. I mean its the first time i experienced such horrible shake, After i google it, i've found out that the epicenter was on Negros Oriental. I immediately checked out the brother if he is online but i didn't found him on my list so maybe i will just phoned them later.As much as i want to tell my partner about what happened but i decided to just leave it, he will surely just get worried and might not get some good rest. Yesterday, he asked me to shop for myself which i haven't done for a week or so since i prioritize some home needs but yesterday i was a bit surprised when i just received something out of the usual thing. I was amazed that the honey thinks of me so much more than i thought of.

Anyway, i hope we all be guided here. Be safe guys.