Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cheer up

It was so early this morning, when my tantrums ruin my day, to the point that i came to the office late with tears in my eyes. As usual it had always been a rant over my love life, unendless pain.
Happiness is a choice and mistakes as they say is invitable, yeah the're totally right, every individual has the right and has the choice between what will make his/her happy, she has the right to choose who to be with, in order to be happy in life.However mistakes are always invitable, nobody knew what will happen as the consequence in every decision we made, nobody can tell, but for as long as we knew that it will make us fine, and it will promote goodness and happiness mentally, physically and emotionally then theres no reason for regrets.
I have always wonder why i always made wrong choices in my life, i can name few on which i was stupid enough to make decisions that eventually i regret at the end, as it has always been, i always end up falling in love with someone, by now i wish i didnt, Im not a perfectionist nor a type of person who is hopelessly romantic, i dont even believe in flowers nor do i believe in chocolates, nor i dream for a happy ending. I am just a typical woman, who believes and still do wish for someone who could just respect, trust and love me. These are just the simple things i wouldnt bargain, things i am hoping to find in someone i am with, especially the later.
But as sad as it seems, things arent perfect, my tears has always been fallin from the very start i felt in love with my first love and until now it has been falling. My heart was broke by someone way back on my cloudy days, and until now, still they arent gettin tired of breaking it into pieces.
Hopefully i could still fix it, thu the scar is there, i am still positive that in God's best time someone will come, to heal, to ease the pain and to complete my love story.