Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy Sunday

Hayst, i couldnt get a good day rest. I am really dreaming to have just an entire day where i can sit comfortabley in the coach and watch movie but then i knew i have to attend to all these matters. I just came from a friends house to check on my gown. As ive mentioned in my previous post, i am one of the bridesmaid and since its fast approaching i have to attend to gown fitting at my vacant time. Just in time because her father arrived so i was given few soevenirs and chitchat a little. I had with me whitening scrub, chocolates and few beauty kits. Well, i love hanging out with this good friend because i am always welcome with them even for an overnight stay. I really missed the old times but then i knew i have to catch with recent happening in her life. Anyway, i need to rest now.