Monday, May 31, 2010


A self made millionmaire once said that having all the comforts and luxuries in life is not about gaining a good degree nor having the right education, coz life didnt say that if you graduated with flying colors your success is guaranteed. Nahh. life is so uncertain, ive know someone who wwas always on top when were on our college years but end up a secretary and until now still a secretary. I have nothing against blue collar job but a job is always a job, you have the boss and you are the slave, isnt it frustrating? Doing your best for them? your entire years for them? Sacrificing your important and special events for them? But who benefitted a lot? Are we given a portion of their profit, of course not, that is why being a boss has always been a dream for us.
But who says we cant be, we cant be the boss? Of course we can be, even with no sufficient savings, even with no capital, coz success comes to people who have the right attitude and has patience and is hardworking. You can start your path to a million by clicking this ONE


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Well its the start of the week once again and i knew it means a lot to career and professional men and women, as for me, i just drop by at the office to do somethin else and im back right away. I drop by at a certain store coz my brother asked me to drop by the med his doctor needs badly. The weather is so hot now, really hot plus the fact that we encounter brown out so it really aggravate our condition. Anyway,id like to thank my blogger friend who really took the time to visit me here. Thanks a lot.