Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Built To Last - Iron

I was complaining the other day to my mom because my clothes mostly has stubborn wrinkles. They are mostly my office clothes and i thereby want them to be pleasing and presentable after wash. I am not the type of person who always fix and organised my stuff, sadly i always rely on other people's help to organize my stuff. Laundry and ironing is not my thing but i would love to do them if i have spare time. I remember when i was still living on my pad. I hire someone to clean my place and do my laundry and ironing. The lady is so good on that thing because i can smell a refreshing and clean smell whenever she handed me down my clothes. She would always reminds me to buy a lot of hangers on my cabinet so that i need not to iron my office suits when i need to wear them. That time, i am fond of wearing polos and slacks which compliment  for formal meetings and gatherings. I knew that kind of wear should be properly iron to highlight its style and cuts.

Speaking of iron, how do you choose your brand and style for this kind of home appliance? Do you go for your friends suggestion or do you take your own instinct and buy the the brand that you think will last for lifetime? Well, i once bought this appliance few years ago for my daily ironing needs. I bought the brand that i knew was sought after by many. I choose the pink design with a girly style and i was amazed to know that its lightweight feature make this appliance a friend to all. Our iron at home is kinda heavy because my mom bought it when i was still a kid and now the old and traditional heavy iron has evolved into classy and lightweight style. Nevertheless, as consumer we should always takes prime consideration on the durability and the finctionality of this stuff. Will it last for lifetime? Does it has powerful steam performance? This and more are few of the questions we should always bear in mind and if you are looking for quality and built for efficiency then head on no futher, grab any Irons by Proctor Silex. The brand says well in the industry. You can find a plethora of greatly designs iron with the features you prefer. Fantastic, right?

Up For Update - Finally!

I knew i need to give a different kind of lift to this site but somehow i always missed it. I blame some stuff i am currently doing and my daily routine thats why i sometimes missed to drop some lines here. Anyway, it a fine day for me, amazing actually. I got another task today and i will be writing articles again. I already got my payment from my previous works and im happy to have had known that theyre so updated.

Well, i was at the nearby mall to buy some personal things coz i forgot to buy them last weekend. If not of my honey, i would surely just forgot it. Did i share to you guys that i just changed my sim recently, im using an international sim now and im happy availing of a cheaper sms rates. but last night, my honey told me that his call cant go through, i hope its not about the signal.Im sure its not coz we have talked this morning and so far we dont have problems with our line.I missed my honey now,,,,,,

Friday, February 24, 2012

For Your Software Needs

This modern days where technology is at its capstone, industries and establishments must also be as competitive and as level headed as the many innovations in technologies. Part of which are computer and web development that are truly worth commendable.I do remember sometime in the 90's, i used to be amazed with the power of computer and the ignorance in me defintely gave me some stupid days. I never would touch even the keyboard because im afraid that it might be destroyed but as years passed, the once upon a time ignorance became a computer's friend up until now. But i still cant say that i am an expert or a computer savvy because id like to acknowledged myself as a struggling user and i want to be labelled as one all through out. Anyway, having a constant interaction with this powerful machine made me learn few inputs and valuable resources. I discovered how pretty amazing and useful are software. As we can recall, the basic composition of the computer includes its hardware and its software. The fomer is the physical aspects while the latter is the system that makes the computer run its program.

Speaking of softwares, the older times made us stunned as to how powerful this little machine. It can do things we didnt think it can. How about after a decade? Is it still as powerful as it was or was the innovations and software development continuously impressed us? I guess the right answer is simple. Software development is its prime days now. Consider the eased of use that it gave to us, to businesses and even to some complicated operations. Isnt it impressive? Now, id like to introduce one of the main players in software innovations and estimations, thats no other than Galorath, Inc.The company was initially invisioned by some senior scientists and project engineer and thereby began its operation sometime in 1979. Amazingly, the progression of the company is very evident as they leads and continually suppliment huge company in their software tools and sophisticated modernised technology. Well, it always pays to hire an expert and i would surely agree that availing of Goliath's service is a sound move to a business giant.

Beautiful Friday

Wow, the day is as amazing as my God. I received few tasks today and i got some payments too. I never expect few blessings today but the power of prayer is incredible. I always just ask it to HIM and as they say, it all HIS will. I have so many things to be thankful despite pretty lifes constraints that sometimes broke my heart. But well, i couldnt just face the imperfections rather i will continue to fight for it for me and for my family. Anyway. the sister just phoned us the other night, she is still the topnotch of their recent preboard and im so happy for the result. She is indeed blessed and God really guides our family. The countdown is almost near, few more months and she will finally take the last test for her career. Thank God for everything really.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Man Kidnapped Kids and Eat Them

Disturbing but i was so shocked as i was reading the news. The villagers were afraid and disturbed of the incident. Check out the video:

Awesome Jackpot Prices

One thing that strikes attention in any online gaming is the pot price or the spot money that awaits the winner. I used to be a fan of online gamings but not the typical betting and spending ungodly hours for such hobby. Mine was different, i was engrossed watching bingo once in awhile because i love seeing people laughing, giggling and the excitement once they hit the winning number. Surely, we would love to join those fascinating and addictive online gaming when free stuff are offered. Nothing to lose as they say so in any case, i will see promos about free bingo then i would surely grab the chance of playing without investing any penny. Speaking of free bingo, a friend just recommend to me to check out http://www.bingoboard.org/ . I did immediately for curiosuty sake and i was excited to try some free gamimg that awaits in the site. Curious too? then head on to  http://www.bingoboard.org/blogs/playbingo/89-popularity-online-bingo.html  and read more about their latest offers, exciting jackpot prices and variety of exciting games.You would surely love visiting the site and might as well get addicted in playing the all time favorite bingo game.What are you waiting for? Check the site now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just Grateful

I was amazed to know that my articles were all approved and to that im motivated to do more today, hopefully. God is so good to me recently, i always have an advertiser at least regularly and i owe to my God for really extending so much blessings to me and to my family. I just hope i will be blessed with good words and right mood for me to be able to do all my pending tasks. I'm planning to write at least 5 articles now so that it will be included in next weeks payment.

On the other end, aside from the pouring of online tasks, the honey really inspired me to do more in all my extra avenues. Although, he told me that i need not to abuse my health but then i still want to aim more because i have things and plans that i opt to materialize soon. Well, i actually just lost some of my valuable last week and sadly, it was pick pocketed when i was at downtown last week. I actually didnt realized it until i was at my room and found out what had happened. I immediately told my partner about what had happened so he hurriedly wired me that same night. He actually oversee my finances and make sure that i still have enough which im so grateful that he is there. Today, he asked me if i still have enough money for everybody and i always tell him not to get worried but then he will always insist to tell him if there is any problem. He is simply thoughtful and i knew i cant find anymore a man whose love is beyond my expectations. He doesn't just take good care of me but even the rest of my loved ones. Really, he is the best thing that happened to me.

Monday, February 20, 2012

He Loves Ironing...

Monday is business. That's how i view it eversince. I have lots of work and few stuffs to attend to. Im actually still sleepy because we had a long chat last night with my man and i just watched him while he was doing something. He started ironing his office suits until he was eating his breakfast. In fairness, my honey is expert in ironing, from side to side he knew it. I told him that i can do it for him and he told me to save it for that day.hehehe. He is sometimes naughty and last night i was teasing him to death. Now, he is still at work and go home late, he needs to work hard. I missed him already and because it pretty expensive on our part to communicate every now and then, im planning to send him a roaming sim for our daily usage. Hayst, its pretty hard for long distance couples.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wanting More Slots?

The fun never stops on slots gaming. I mean there is really something magic behind the enthuasiasm of most people from all walks of life who patiently bet on their favorite slots machine. Upon writing this post, i remember a nephew who is hooked on this slots machine. He is really fascinated playing and he is just not tired of playing on this everyday if he has extra from his allowance. One time, i was curious on what kind of game fascinates this little kid and i was kinda delighted to know that it does gives excitement and superb entertainment not only to kids but also to young adults.

Well, who doesnt know about the the home of Machine Slots, where else? but Vegas. Yay, the place is super well known for gaming and unending entertainment but of course Canada wount be behind with some modern machine gaming. Ive heard that Canadian casinos are making its own name and trademark in the gaming industry and for all we know the slots Canada is bringing a new zeal in the competition.I recently just browse about Canadian dollar dasinos and i kinda like what i read. I discovered the payment method are very flexible and that you had variety of options. Head on to the site to know about free gaming, something that requires no deposit. Im sure its a great experience.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pretty Thankful

I had an answered prayer today and im so thankful to my personal saint - St. Jude for helping me out. Well, each one of us has our own cross and everyday is always a struggle how to go through with each lifes constraints.Today, i was so worried about some things that involves my finances. I need to wire some amount for the sister and help my other cousin because she was terribly in need of some amount. I knew God sets there directions to me for a reason and im super grateful i have an understanding partner who willingly go out in the mid of the night to wire me if im in need. I so appreciate really his love to my family. I mean all these things wouldnt be possible if not of him. Maybe at some point i did something good to deserve him in my life. God im so much blessed and i wish God will continue to guide me all through out.

I read once that everything that is given unto us has its own purpose. We should learn to appreciate every inch of grace that is given unto us and used it in a manner that God wants us to be. Well, the sad fact - we dont know what were missin until its gone.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Its Just "US" Again

Yay, it seems that im hitting the childish border. We just chat awhile ago with my partner and all of a sudden he told me that he will leave soon. Guess what i did? i just leave him some intriguing message and logged out. What a mess. Of course i want his full attention but i guess im in the wrong place and wrong time. I knew it, its sort of some monthly visitor. Poor honey, he called afterwards and is worried that i am mad. I did but its because im missing him so much. Will i get mad if i dont love him? Will i crave for his attention if he doesnt matter? Sorry honey, ill talk to you later when the not so good thoughts and this childsih nerve vanished. You know that i love you and it will never change.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

On Computer Workstation....

Back then, i could still vividy remember how i was struggling to set up our new office in a certain local. Most of us barely knew anyone from that place so asking help or contacting any help fom that place is seemingly impossible. Well, a new office means new office equipments so i was tasked to scout for swivel chairs, office supplies and even tables and chairs. It wasquite not easy to end up with an amazing find since you have to consider few things. Gladly, a friend helped me in getting a perfect computer workstations and it was  really impressive.To some folks who are lking for such finds then better check out the resource link.

Detoxification Luxury

I had an acquintance way back some years ago. She was just an only daughter of a well known family in the northern part of the region. She was beautiful, charming and i may say has a soft heart for people who needs care and attention. In fact, she leads some social organization whose mission is providing free shelter to less fortunate beings. Going back then, at the first glance you could say that this girl is indeed lucky because she has all the wealth to flaunt and maybe you could just create a thought that maybe when beautiful faces were selected she was then at the top row, yes she was truly captivating. However, a sad news broke our heart when we just found out one day that she was being rescued by the authorities because of substance abuse. Ive heard that it was in her college years that she had this set of friends who are into the said session and consequently she found herself one of them. Im saddened not only because she just wasted her amazing life but more so because i knew for a fact how a victim of drug or alcohol addiction suffered terribly.

In the recent years, more and more teenagers are hooked on substance abuse and the figure goes higher every year. Its indeed alarming because not all are capable of treating or as they called it the detoxification process. If you are on eyes on the latest celebrity who was jailed of alcohol addiction then you might probably think that rehab nowadays had also revolutionize. In fact, the luxury in rehab has become a trend. Lets talk about Heroin Detox.Well, if you have been a victim or once addicted to the said drugs then youre luxurious way of detoxification has become easier. Ive know a fantastic Detox Clinic that could possibly be your temporary sanctuary while you want to rejuvinate yourself. The environment is fantastic and of course will let you return easily to a substance free life. As the experts adviced, Medical Detox is a very important procedures for people who are in crosssroads for abuse. Thus, a clean and caring environment will help you moved on quickly and easily.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweet Meme

I actually don't know what to type in here but because i am smiling, i just think of sharing what had happened last night. I decided to logged in to my YM around midnight coz i forgot to get some load and just missing my partner. I was just checkin him if he was online. I sent him a message but i got no reply. So, i just decided to log out and then watch TV. After few minutes, i received a call from my honey and he told me that he got my message. I don't know what made me think but i told him that he is ignoring me (lol). I got few piece of explanations from him and he was really worried to death because i was just in silence. It doesn't mean anything actually, i was just teasing him. I've told him that i will just go to bed coz i will be working early tomorrow. Hayst, he didn't let me sleep, my phone keep on ringing and in an ungodly hours he was reciting his love for me. Well, to make the story short, i had a sweet Valentine celebration last night. I missed him now really. I don't know why its getting harder everyday but he is getting so sweeter and im indeed just lucky to have him in my life. I love you honey so much.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day

Happy Hearts Day guys! Hows your celebration for lovers day? lol. As with us, the honey just had his fair share of sweet and thoughtful lover. He phones me early morning to greet me and i on the other hand sent a special power point presentation. I made a personalised slides with a random pics of ours on its background. Then i install some music we both loves as its background, im kinda sweet especially to people who matters deeply in my heart. This is actually the best Valentines day ever and i owe it to the man who just changed my life drastically.

On the lighter note, im busy composing my story for a paid review. The rules of this site is quite stringent but the pay is fabulous. So my Valentines, so to speak is very blessed. I have the honey and i have some online tasks. A lame excuse for long distance couples, hehehe. Have a great day. guys.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Thoughts

Good morning folks, The friday wouldnt be complete without a little update from this blogger. Yours truly had been very busy and i blame that to some stuff that is eating my time. I will be again roaming around some malls and buy some personal grocery. Tomorrow, i will be attending some friends get together and since its a pot luck so i have to ask my mom to cook some food for us. Im glad that despite some busy scheds, we manage to schedule this event. Im so excited to catch each other lives and as the hone quote, i deserve a break. The honey is also responsible for some treats today and i blame it for his unconditional love and kindness. Its an advance Valentines treat, well better make the most of it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

They Require No Deposit..

If you happen to be a net savvy then im sure you have tried fantastic stuffs on the net. Perhaps, you did try online shopping, paying bills online or probably you have tried to build an online business. Thats an awesome move but then all our investments whether its virtual or on its actual phases needs our utmost attention all the time. Also, have you happened to play casino online? I havent tried yet but i am open to that experience. A friend is very much delighted on her passion for casino and i always wonder whats in that game that she cant even go out with friends because she is so much hooked sitting infront of her PC. She mentioned once that if i wanted to try then i could play a no deposit casino, I was amazed by what she told me and wonder if it really happened. Well, the friend is not kidding, as ive searched for USA online casinos, ive found a comprehensive lists of the best sites for that said game and its really no hassle. Some portals offer basic tuitorials while other online casino sites have fantastic customer support that will help you all through out.

Like yours, im a little leary in depositing for a casino play but if you really want to avail of gratis casino bonus then check out the best casino site in the net. Before i forget, you can find valuable inputs online on how to play casinos inlcuding some techniques and tips. Head on to Casino bonus guide if you want to aid yourself with casino bonuses basics.

I Missed My Honey

Everyday, we always make it a point to phone each other anytime of the day at least few times and if he is not busy he could just call me for as long as he likes.Ive mentioned in my post yesterday that i didnt tell him about the earthquake because he will surely just get worried and i am just right. I was in the midst of a good sleep when my phone rang few times. I didnt expect the honey calling up again since we just finished talking and he knew that i will be off to bed. Luckily, i was able to get my phone despite me being so lazy to get up. I knew it was him and he told me and he just knew about the earthquake because he arrived late so he immideatly rest. He asked what had happened and if we are safe.I assured him that we are perfectly fine. I can sense being so worried and i feel so touched having had a man who really care for us so much.

If theres one thing i wish to happen its for him to come over this soon. Yay, been wanting him so badly and i felt everyday without him is so much harder. I miss you so much honey.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Thoughts

I woke up early today because the honey called up early morning. He was still at work but i told him to go home early so without much argument, i find him calling me an hour ago saying that he's on his way home. Just about were done talking, i finally found myself scared while shaking tremendously. I mean its the first time i experienced such horrible shake, After i google it, i've found out that the epicenter was on Negros Oriental. I immediately checked out the brother if he is online but i didn't found him on my list so maybe i will just phoned them later.As much as i want to tell my partner about what happened but i decided to just leave it, he will surely just get worried and might not get some good rest. Yesterday, he asked me to shop for myself which i haven't done for a week or so since i prioritize some home needs but yesterday i was a bit surprised when i just received something out of the usual thing. I was amazed that the honey thinks of me so much more than i thought of.

Anyway, i hope we all be guided here. Be safe guys.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Intensity 5 Earthquake

I was listening the news this morning about the recent stories on the Intensity 5 Eartquake that happened last night. We were at the neighbor's ground when we suddenly felt a shake and it lasted for some time. I was a bit nervous since i received malicious text messages that really gave panic to the local villagers. I texted a friend who is based in manila and is connected to Phivolcs to know the accuracy of the message and by this afternoon i was suddenly relieved and had peace of mind.

For a brief glimpse, here is the latest seismic events at our county:

05 Feb 2012 - 08:31 AM 12.75 120.64 022 3.2 017 km S 58° W of Sablayan (Occidental Mindoro)

05 Feb 2012 - 03:42 AM 11.98 125.82 016 1.6 041 km S 56° E of San Policarpio (Eastern Samar)

05 Feb 2012 - 03:29 AM 12.13 126.07 005 5.0 062 km S 85° E of San Policarpio (Eastern Samar)

05 Feb 2012 - 03:17 AM 12.11 125.98 006 3.3 053 km S 82° E of San Policarpio (Eastern Samar)

05 Feb 2012 - 01:28 AM 12.06 125.90 011 3.6 045 km S 73° E of San Policarpio (Eastern Samar)

04 Feb 2012 - 10:48 PM 12.14 125.86 010 3.7 039 km S 83° E of San Policarpio (Eastern Samar)

04 Feb 2012 - 09:46 PM 12.09 125.82 014 4.3 036 km S 73° E of San Policarpo (Eastern Samar)

04 Feb 2012 - 09:25 PM 12.32 125.99 020 4.2 055 km N 74° E San Policarpo (Eastern Samar)

04 Feb 2012 - 09:19 PM 12.16 125.92 007 5.0 045 km S 87° E San Policarpo (Eastern Samar)

04 Feb 2012 - 09:09 PM 12.29 126.27 019 5.9 085 km N 82° E of San Policarpo (Eastern Samar)

04 Feb 2012 - 12:18 AM 16.74 120.05 057 2.6 032 km N 66° W of San Fernando (Capital) (La Union)

03 Feb 2012 - 07:08 PM 13.68 120.66 180 2.4 017 km S 8° E of Calatagan (Batangas)

03 Feb 2012 - 06:18 PM 09.60 126.09 059 3.8 013 km S 80° E of Socorro (Surigao del Norte)

03 Feb 2012 - 11:16 AM 13.59 120.16 031 3.0 017 km S 35° W of Looc (Occidental Mindoro)

03 Feb 2012 - 10:59 AM 13.53 120.04 033 3.5 31 km S 47° W of Looc (Occidental Mindoro

Continue reading : http://www.phivolcs.dost.gov.ph/html/update_SOEPD/EQLatest.html

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our House Meme

Itching for a Saturday Update? Then join Saturday 9: Our House Meme. I just did.

1. I read that Bud Weiser & Kathy moved into their new house! When was the last time you moved? Where to?
- two years ago, from one city to the other, pretty stressful.

2. If they were making a Hall of Fame for the blogosphere, name a blogger or two who you think should make the list. Why?

-  Lester (Gateway to Adventure)
He is very hardworking and he never fails to bloghop..hehehe

3. What are couple of funny things you remember your parents saying? (Like, “They're starving there in China, so finish what you've got.” - John Lennon) Do you say them to your kids?

- I remember my parents telling me when i was a kid to always take a nap in the afternoon or i will not grow. Funny but i often dont follow their rules but i end up tall..hehehe

4. What is something that has happened to you that you would consider a miracle?
- Yes, a lot of things. Cant disclose the details but more on personal circumstance

5. What is it too late for?
- for changing course. Recently, i had this thought that i wish i was a teacher coz i love teaching kids but well i can still teach kids even if im not a teacher..hehhe

6. What do you try to stay away from?
- I try to set a positive vibes every time i woke up. To stay away from negative thoughts and bad day.

7. When you get into a disagreement or fight, how often are you the first to apologize?
- I do most of the time if i realised im wrong but if the other party is beyond the norms and is hitting below the belt then im game for a new fight. I am sometimes a bitch if i need to tame a tiger.

8. Tell us about a current issue that you’re unhappy with.
- Im just unhappy with the prosecution's performance on Corona's impeachment..hehehe

9. How often do you update your blog/site and why?
- Almost daily, not for any other reason but to just document some day to day activities. So that when i go back and recall some memories, its easy for me to remember some.

This is my Saurday Meme for Saturday 9.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I Just Roamed Around

Duhhh..i spent the entire day transferring from one place to the other and from one payment center to another. Its bills day so i opt to settle some monthly bills that were due today. Im just grateful the honey wired my budget early morning so i was able to get it before lunch time. Im happy i was able to buy almost everything that we need at home. I settled our utilities, buy our grocery and had our gas tank refilled. My goodness, the refill for the latter cost almost a thousand and i doubt if i can still afford to have it monthly not unless ill have a good income at all my portals. The honey is so considerate, he even went through out of his way just to please me and i knew he is doing everything because he loves me. How lucky i am to have had a partner that simply understands not only my personal needs but my family's welfare. Since, i dealt with my monthly expenses already, my income from my portals will be for my shopping galore..hehehe. Shhhh, i hope the honey cant read this post or else i will not have an allowance next week,(lol).

Anyway, its a beautiful friday and i hope you did had a blast today. Happy Weekend guys.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Your 2012 Taxing Options

Whether you're an ordinary citizen or a businessman, we all have tax obligation that should be fulfilled religiously.The taxes that we paid to our government will eventually be use for road construction and other government projects. With this note, its highly imperative for government agency to collect from us what is due from us that's why for most businesses, they asked for an expert help to settle their tax obligations before its due date. If you happen to be a businessman and perhaps you're doing a good business venture there then you might perhaps consider 2012 Taxes and see your options. I mean an IRS audit is a worst nightmare to any proprietor so before an audit happen get some proactive measures.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Find Your Other Half

The countdown to the most romantic day in the universe is fast approaching. So are you ready to celebrate with a blast with your ever loving other half. I hope, as with me i am just excited knowing that i am still with the same partner on this Valentines Day. But to my friends, who have not yet found their significant others then its not yet too lat to catch the ride. Find the remaining piece of the puzzle at sugar daddy. Ive read few testimonials about how some members have finally found their partner. Truly, we can never tell who will end up with but theres absolutely no wrong in searching for the right one, who knows you are meant to met at the said portal. Common, check it out.

Hello February!

If not of my unexpected glimpse to our calendar, i wouldnt notice its the first day of Love month. Well, sounds a romantic month to each and everyone of us. Do you feel the thrill and excitement now? I bet some of you are already planning as to their surprises to their respective significant others. While me on the other hand, has no definite plans yet as to how im going to celebrate that special day, maybe just work because everyday is so special to us, wink! Now, i am doing some article writing and had few in queue and i opt to take some break to refresh my mind. I am hooked again in writing articles and its my easiest way to augment my online earning.

Anyway, Its a beautiful Tuesday morning and the first wednesday of the month. Well, we have so many reasons to celebrate this day if in case you're on crossroads. The fact that we were given a huge blessing and thats the chance to wake up and make things right is something else that we should learn to cherish and treasure. Thank you for dropping by at my page and will hit your border once im done with all my tasks.