Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Built To Last - Iron

I was complaining the other day to my mom because my clothes mostly has stubborn wrinkles. They are mostly my office clothes and i thereby want them to be pleasing and presentable after wash. I am not the type of person who always fix and organised my stuff, sadly i always rely on other people's help to organize my stuff. Laundry and ironing is not my thing but i would love to do them if i have spare time. I remember when i was still living on my pad. I hire someone to clean my place and do my laundry and ironing. The lady is so good on that thing because i can smell a refreshing and clean smell whenever she handed me down my clothes. She would always reminds me to buy a lot of hangers on my cabinet so that i need not to iron my office suits when i need to wear them. That time, i am fond of wearing polos and slacks which compliment  for formal meetings and gatherings. I knew that kind of wear should be properly iron to highlight its style and cuts.

Speaking of iron, how do you choose your brand and style for this kind of home appliance? Do you go for your friends suggestion or do you take your own instinct and buy the the brand that you think will last for lifetime? Well, i once bought this appliance few years ago for my daily ironing needs. I bought the brand that i knew was sought after by many. I choose the pink design with a girly style and i was amazed to know that its lightweight feature make this appliance a friend to all. Our iron at home is kinda heavy because my mom bought it when i was still a kid and now the old and traditional heavy iron has evolved into classy and lightweight style. Nevertheless, as consumer we should always takes prime consideration on the durability and the finctionality of this stuff. Will it last for lifetime? Does it has powerful steam performance? This and more are few of the questions we should always bear in mind and if you are looking for quality and built for efficiency then head on no futher, grab any Irons by Proctor Silex. The brand says well in the industry. You can find a plethora of greatly designs iron with the features you prefer. Fantastic, right?

Up For Update - Finally!

I knew i need to give a different kind of lift to this site but somehow i always missed it. I blame some stuff i am currently doing and my daily routine thats why i sometimes missed to drop some lines here. Anyway, it a fine day for me, amazing actually. I got another task today and i will be writing articles again. I already got my payment from my previous works and im happy to have had known that theyre so updated.

Well, i was at the nearby mall to buy some personal things coz i forgot to buy them last weekend. If not of my honey, i would surely just forgot it. Did i share to you guys that i just changed my sim recently, im using an international sim now and im happy availing of a cheaper sms rates. but last night, my honey told me that his call cant go through, i hope its not about the signal.Im sure its not coz we have talked this morning and so far we dont have problems with our line.I missed my honey now,,,,,,