Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Fairy Hobmother Spreads His Love

Ohhh, another birthday gift just arrives on time. Yesterday, i got new bunch of direct orders and it was a nice surprise. Today, i received an instant gift coming from the fairy who loves to reward bloggers. I'm talking of no less than fairy hobmother who loves to rewards $50 amazon vouchers. Yes, you heard it right she loves rewarding bloggers who made an extra effort in all of their portals. So my time has just arrived and amusing as it arrives days before my birthday.

So he wants me to choose from those Top 5 washing Machines available. Ohh my, i wish i could just get it personally and no extra tax for shipping. I would gladly do that of course its impossible he lives in the next pole while i resides somewhere where snow are far visible. Anyway, i fancy for a washing machine but well my hubby is there so i guess i would leave it up to him. For now, i would make the most of my voucher and shop for a birthday gift. Actually, i already have pick one..wink***

So to my fairy hobmother, thank you for the nice birthday present. You just arrived on time and looking forward for more fairies to come.. :)

Leave me some comment if you wish to be visited by this sought after fairy. He actually read comments, tweets and loves to browse on the web. Who knows he checked yours :)