Tuesday, June 23, 2009


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A Special Tribute to Tatay

" Any fool can be a father but it only takes a real man to be a daddy"
I was raised into a family of a good provider, i belong to a brood of four with a father that is really a disciplininarian, when i was still a kid i used to have fear with the man whom i just use to see face to face during dinner time, when this man arrives about 6 pm in our house, we were like armies who behaves so well and were so afraid to commit mistakes,whatever he says must be followed, whatever his directions we must obey, That household rules stick on our mind, and even until now. But nonetheless, not until i was on my college days when i consider this strict man as the greatest man ever existed. It was not until i was matured enough to realize how we were so lucky to have him as our father and to have him as our provider. I couldnt find enough word and right adjective to best describe as to how he is as a person and as a parent. Just to name a few, i could still remember one time during my college days, even though we knew that i couldnt buy some books because we dont have money to buy one, but then whenever i would ask my father about such requirements, he would just escape his meal so that he could save it for my book. I never realized such things not until his co-workers would tell us what hes been doin. The first time he told us about that, i cried in tears because i never could believe it first how lucky we are to have him.
My tatay is an engineer by profession but then they say hes like a "tambay" because he usually dont wear decent clothes, he is actually working now at a certain service center for cars, he usually has lots of stains in his clothes, no shoes and sometimes wear dirty pants, but neverthless no matter what he wears now and will wear, he would always be my tatay that i could not trade in even with richest father in the world.
Happy Fathers Day to all Tatay, Papa's and Daddy's in the world, indeed it only takes a real man to become a great father, may you all be blessed,

Storm Signal No. 1

I actually woke up past 11 in the morning today with the cold breeze touching my skin, i wonder why its so cold and the air i felt seems different, no wonder as i heared it from the radio. WE are actually facing storm signal no. 1 today and rain was pouring so hard really the entire day, i was planning to buy umbrella but to no avail because of the rain.haayst hope this will end soon.